Locked Pots not unlocking

I have set a date for my locked pot to be locked until however it does not realise on the date it is locked to. Withdrawals are greyed out and the locked until date is in the past? This has happened on multiple occasions and I currently have a pot that is locked when the date has gone.

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If you delete the pot it will automatically withdraw the money, im not sure why its not recognised its unlocked automatically. Might be worth dropping a message in the in-app chat to see if there is a bug?

This keeps happening to me too - please flag via chat, hopefully the more of us who raise it the more likely it is to be solved.

It’s been going on for months :cry:

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Hopefully its sorted, i have moved this thread into the Bug Reports cat so hopefully its picked up soon, i dont use the Locked Pots feature but i can understand why its fustrating

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There’s this thread (I knew there was one somewhere about it and it’s actually @CeeDee’s bug report)

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Its really frustrating have to close the pot and open a new one each time. I will raise it through the chat. Agreed it has been going on for months.

I feel like this is something @nexusmaniac might know something about :see_no_evil:




Locked Pots not unlocking at the expected time is a known bug :eyes:

It’s been a long ol’ day :joy::sob: but I’m back in on Sunday - I’ll try to dig out some useful info!

As far as I remember, the Pot unlocking doesn’t happen at a specific time it’s a specific date & when the app receives enough of a sync/update or ‘kick’ it realises it’s the day of the unlock, the Pot should unlock :unlock:

I think the bug here is that for some reason the sync doesn’t happen and the app (for some reason) doesn’t ask whether the Pot is unlocked yet.

This is an oversimplification :innocent: but I’ll try and do some digging to find out what the real issue is & whether a fix is in the works :crossed_fingers:


Thanks for the update :relaxed:

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I’ve taken a better look into this one :+1:

Regular locked Pots don’t have unlock on a specific schedule in the same way that Fixed term Pots do :unlock: So when a customer interacts with the app / Pot or attempts a withdrawal and the current time is after the ‘locked until’ time, the Pot should unlock and be available to interact with / withdraw from :slightly_smiling_face:

If the app hasn’t reloaded after the ‘locked until’ time has passed, then the Pot will continue to think it’s locked in the app (but not in the backend).

What triggers a reload of the feed?

Actions like closing/reopening the app, switching tabs, flicking through some other parts of the app, receiving notifications or scrolling through your Pot/Account cards should trigger a reload :blush:

This has been raised as a bug already :bug: there’s no imminent fix on its way (yet) but it’s very much on the radar :pray: