Pot to Pot transfers

No worries! :hugs:

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Is there any update for this?

No one has ever suggested it’s being looked at so, in the absence of any post to the contrary, I’d continue to assume that that’s the case.

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I just tried to do the same. The need is there @Monzo

I was going to request the same thing. Great suggestion

I am in the same situation now that paying from pots is being used. I am having to transfer money from on lot to the main and then the next day transfer it to another pot as I can’t guarantee the order the pot withdrawal and deposit will be run.

Pot to pot transfer would solve this as well as make a massive difference to the general usability.


Make sure to vote if you want this. It’s currently way behind things like Dark mode in the voting stakes here which do influence what is worked on next (not completely).


Like this idea

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Yes, it would be a great addition - it’s essentially a drop-down box feature.


I would vote for this.

It’s something I Don regularly and having to move into the main account then back out again is a nuisance. But more important the summary information includes the payment in and out which makes it harder to work out actual expenditure / income.


Voted for. I have exactly the same issue of wanting to pay money regularly (weekly) into an external savings account so for now I’ve setup a scheduled move from my monzo savings pot on a Tuesday and then a scheduled move from my main account to the pot it will be taken from on a Thursday. Pot to pot with clear dates when the finds will arrive in the 2nd pot would be incredibly useful and like you all say, cut out going via the main account which can make things confusing (and also risks making me think I have more money to spend than I actually do!).


I would love this, would make it much easier to store money in the savings pot until needed and then withdraw to Bills pot just before it needs to be paid! At the moment it all goes into my main account and I need to make sure not to touch it!

Not sure which sort of bills you are referring to in this example, however, for me, I move my credit card spend to a regular savings pot in that name, as I spend on the credit card, and get the credit card paid directly out of that pot. Would that work for you? We get 0% interest whether in main account or regular pot anyway and at least the funds are segregated.

I agree though, the ability to put it into an interest savings pot and then ask it to be transferred directly to a bills pot a few days before DD due would be beneficial. Unlikely I think though as involves third party provider.

This method buggers up your categories though as everything just gets classified as shopping as unable to differentiate yet what elements of spend fall within what category.

Personally, I am not attached to the category data so strongly that it causes me an OCD issue . . . yet :rofl:

Yes that is pretty much what I do, when I get paid I move the majority to a savings pot (I like to maximise interest) and then have scheduled withdrawals, to the monzo current account, just before I need to pay utility/cc bills.
It would be more convenient if I could schedule withdrawals from a savings pot directly to a bills pot, though as you say I am not sure if this would be possible as it does depend on a third party provider.

Please have to option of moving/transferring money straight into the pot you want


Please use this thread to keep all the votes together.


Pot to Pot is a feature I would really like


Be sure to vote at the top of this thread! :white_check_mark:

Honestly it’s crazy that this hasn’t been implemented yet. It’s really needed and surely it’s an incredibly simple change.

I know right. Everytime I have to fanny about with pots, double handling transactions, I know how weird I’m making my statement look.