Pot History - interest

I’ve only just noticed that my pot history doesn’t show interest payments. Is this just me, or everyone? It’s going to make doing my taxes very very difficult :frowning:

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it depends which interest bearing account doesn’t it ? - my locked interests pots shows how much interest I will earn over the term , which will be paid on a certain date at the end of the term (ie within a tax year ) and my monthly interest shows me how much I earn every month, - well december so far :slight_smile: which can then be added up in the tax year ?

Here is the history for a savings pot I opened to store my tax (I’m self employed). It’s confusing because every month when I get paid interest, I transfer it out of my pot into my main account. But the interest doesn’t appear in the pot history, only the withdrawals.

sorry, don’t quite understand, my interest is shown in the particular pot history …Im on iOS - i have a couple of pots one being fixed term which when it matures shows me I will get @219 odd interest over the term which will be in the 2019/20 tax year - and one which pays interest monthly and the history shows in December I got £3.02 and in total, since opening in september I have received £3.04 in the tax year, to be declared in 2019/20 tax year - I have also withdrawn from this pot - I assume this total gained will be adjusted every month until April … quite what happens on 6th April :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

What do you see when you click this button for the one that pays monthly?

I see how much I have in the pot along with payments in and out of the pot , if I then scroll the screen up it shows the interest as my right hand picture - maybe a cash isa, and an interest bearing pot are different in terms of the interest gained display ???

I’m seeing that too, but took a few seconds to appear the first time

I’m sure that wasn’t there before

Weird. Not there for me. Is it a big? An A/B thing?

Are you on test flight or App Store?

Im not on test flight - its just normal app 3.10.0 - does pressing the down arrow on the pot type not take you to how much interest you have gained in your ISA pot

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App Store.

Yes, but I need the monthly breakdown, as I have had the pot across multiple tax years.

well … not ideal … search your pot history for - ’ 2018-19 ’ , download in CSV format and extrapolate the interest payments ? :man_shrugging:

edit …no that doesnt work as no interest is shown on exporting it for me

You can just search for ‘interest’ and it will show all payments by month.

Just tried this - it only works if I haven’t dismissed the notifications, as the interest is shown as a notification not a feed item :cry:

There are feed items and notifications :thinking:

I just downloaded my statements as pdfs. There’s no interest mentioned anywhere… This can’t be right?

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I think I must have a bug then?

You can request a savings post statement via in app chat and they will generate it for you.

I’m going on the assumption that this will show the interest payments otherwise the running total on the statement would be wrong

My main question is whether this is the same for everyone or a bug that is only affecting me.