When is interest paid on savings pots?

I’ve got a joint account easy access savings pot with Shawbrook.

I can see pot says X earnt in July (paid on first working day of August… Which is today…). But total interest is zero still… When will I see the X get added to the pot and or main accounts?

Had a look at all the T&C’s and couldn’t see anything concrete other than the below?


The Provider will pay you any interest you’ve earned monthly. You’ll get any interest you’re owed on the first working day of the next month. You’ll be able to see the interest you earned in your Savings Pot in the Monzo app.’

Example given mentions after 12 months but again not clear if that’s paid after twleve months or the total of all those months…


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Depends on when you opened the pot. The total gained is up to June.

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It will come through today - mine just popped through a few minutes ago.


Interesting (sorry…). I have a few savings pots and when I click on History there are no interest transactions showing. Is this another example of pot transactions being a bit rubbish? The History feed is nothing like a proper statement or transaction history (especially where rounded up transactions are concerned). Where do you see the interest payments?

In the main feed. They’re usually a dismiss able item

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Are you on iOS or Android? I’m not seeing any interest payments in my pot history feed?

Android -

Not in the pot history sorry - its in the main current account feed.

Ah, I see. On the main account feed. So, that’s confusing. Is the interest added to the pot balance or the main account balance?

I think i’ll wait until tomorrow before raising a bug :slight_smile: exciting, where will it appear !

So for me it’s just appeared (in the past few minutes) on my main account feed. Which is fine as an informational thing. But surely it should also show in the pot history too. Although as my pot history shows things like £10 for Tesco when in fact only £0.05 was added to the pot as a rounded up transaction, the pot history is misleading at best. I’ve made the point before that I don’t think pot history is fit for purpose and needs a complete overhaul and this I think adds weight to that argument. Other opinions may exist!

I got my interest today, pretty sure that’s the first time I’ve ever got interest from a bank, rather than paying it aha.


Ok so I can confirm I have now received the interest, the pot total has updated with it and on the main joint account feed there is a line item for notification.

Agree the history… should be a history and show everything including the interest added. Not end of the world though.

Thanks all.

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