Pot History - interest

It’s same for everyone. Interest won’t appear on the main account statement since that only relates to the main account and interest is paid directly in to the pots. Again similar reason for if not appearing in the main account feed. It never actually hits the main account just direct to the savings pot

But it also doesn’t appear in my pot history. It appears nowhere at all. Also, other deposits and withdrawals into pots show on my statement, so my interest should.

I agree it should appear as a complete overview of your account. Definitely an oversight.

I suspect the withdrawals and deposits you get in the pots today are a filtered view of the main account feed

@glasgow, it looks like @Ordog’s experience is different to mine.

Yeah I’m sure the pot history for iOS is a new feature? That definitely wasn’t there before.

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History has been there for a few weeks

It’s the interest I hadn’t noticed before, but I normally only look at the vertical list

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At the moment, the only way to find out how much interest you were paid on pots in a particular tax year is to contact support. They will generate a PDF interest statement that you can download.

This is very annoying and they really ought to automate it! Presumably few enough people are asking for this at the moment that it’s not a significant workload for the COPS?


Completely agree that the interest payments in to savings pots should also be shown on the pot history tab for complete transparency.