Post office wont accept monzo

Anyone else had issue using monzo at a post office they wouldn’t accept it and said only do main banks what’s bit unfair at post office so cant completely move to monzo because of that

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They should accept it to make a payment.

If you are paying in cash, then they do not support that.

My local powt office wouldn’t accept to make a payment only accepted my Lloyds card even for payment

It’s because they are putting the transaction through like a cash withdrawal rather than a normal payment. It earns them a bit by doing so.

Purchase transaction or a banking transaction are the two card modes, and Monzo doesn’t support banking transaction mode.

Email and they’ll get in touch with the Post Office.


If you use Post Offices a lot, I’d suggest getting a Starling account too. They do support both modes and you’ll be able to pay in cash at the post office for free.

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Any idea why Monzo doesnt use both methods? I think I may have come across this on a train provider I use

I have paid for items with Monzo at my local post office without any issues.

Must only be at some branches.

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I have too in the past.

There’s another thread about this somewhere already, but basically Post Office use the “LINK” network to do cash withdrawals at the counter, like certain cash machines. Monzo cards currently (never say never) don’t have the LINK application on the cards.

In theory, Post Offices are meant to change modes depending on what function they’re trying to do (as @phildawson rightly says), but some Post Offices either don’t change mode (to make more money) or are used to cash transactions failing with Monzo cards that they just assume it doesn’t work for anything.

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Never had a problem with the post office for purchases. They just don’t support cash deposits.

I’ve seen this in a few places before, as has been said It’s not a “Post Office” thing but more to do with the way that some branches process payments as a cash withdrawal through LINK.

As alluded to further up, this is a bit of a scam by some Post Offices who are trying to double-dip on their commission. First they get the commission for doing the Post Office task and then again for processing a cash withdrawal.

Not sure commission is the right word, but you get the drift.