Post office negative, declined or not recognised

Why is Royal Mail still not recognising my card details to pay a transaction or even draw my own money from my account?? This is ludicrous even after 3 years and it’s still happening when I go to the post office to update my driving licence :rage:

You can pay for things with your Monzo card, but you can’t take money out.

Royal Mail and Post Office are separate btw.


I couldn’t pay at the counter with my card actually
Neither would it then let me draw money out at the counter or outside the building using the ATM machine
Had to walk to Morrisons a wee bit down the road

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Did the card machine reject / give an error message? Or did the Post Office employee see a Monzo card and told you they don’t accept them (which is blatantly wrong)?

ATMs are run by other companies, so it would most likely be a coincidence, perhaps the ATM was disconnected or had other issues. This is supported by the fact your card worked at a different ATM.

As Revels said, Monzo does not support withdrawing cash at the Post Office, so this is as expected.


They were probably trying to process your transaction as a withdrawal. I believe that this has some advantages for them.

Have you tried a different Post Office?


This is the answer. They don’t process it as a transaction because it costs them money.

They do it as a cash withdrawal as they make money off those by the banks.

Monzo doesn’t have that agreement to use Post Office for banking.

You can report them to both monzo and also the post office, as well as Mastercard as they’re not completing transactions as per their agreement.


Yes. It’s happened a few years ago also at a different post office

Yet…hopefully coming :soon:


It just rejected it
The lady behind the screen had no idea why (unlike the previous lady who literally spat out the words “we DONT accept that company!”
Ohh the shame I should feel at having my only main bank account be Monzo :joy:

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Just open a Starling as a workaround. I pop money in there if I need to take out at the postie

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Based on what the others have said, if you answer back with “maybe you try to put it through as a regular transaction instead of a withdrawal, I won’t report you to Mastercard for violating your agreement”… and see what happens.


Call Post Office head office right there and then :joy:

But yeah, no shame in having monzo as your sole account, just don’t bother with the Post Office.

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This was a good insight, and aligns with what I’ve historically always seen at my local post office - my receipts all just say “stamps” (regardless of what you buy) with zero rated tax (which I guess is the questionable part).

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Not quite true for PO transactions. The cost is absorbed by Post Office Ltd, but you’re right that POs do earn commission for withdrawals.

Can I ask what specific transactions this has happened for?
As others have said, the cash withdrawals & deposits are not possible with Monzo, but others should be, unless they are retail purchases and they don’t have another card reader

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But still costs them, so it is true :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Yes, technically it costs PO Ltd, but as most PO branches are independent businesses it doesn’t affect those deciding to process them as withdrawals.
It means they don’t get extra commission, but I wouldn’t really class that as a cost to the branch, if you do that’s fine.
PO Ltd also definitely dislike the practice of doing withdrawals instead of purchases

Don’t they all pretty much pay a cut for offering the services and make money on top? Bit like a pay point service? £x to offer the services, anything above £x is yours to keep.

If it didn’t cost them anything, they’d just treat it as a spend not a withdrawal, so your theory may be wrong in how it works, otherwise this issue wouldn’t be so prominent.

There are no franchise fees (anymore) with the PO.
The problem is that branches are not paid well to begin with (~70% of subpostmasters are paid less than minimum wage when operating costs are factored in), so are just trying to make more commission. Every branch does it in some form, but most (including mine) don’t do it to the point of inconveniencing customers.

(Source: am a PO manager)

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Should be illegal, and every PO removed who does it. It’s a pain for the genuine folk and isn’t customer centric.