Card use

Tried my card today at a post office,not accepted,any reason?

Post Office Counters machines are not connected to the network.

Should work in any ATM outside.

Found this out last year.

Thanks for that

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They’re not connected to MasterCard?

I think I read somewhere it’s LINK. May be wrong, however, the card is not accepted at counter terminals due to some connectivity issue.

May be Mastercard though as I only use a VISA debit card at Post Office Counters

Check out this thread from last July

What were you trying to do with your card? Withdraw cash or make a purchase?

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Weird thing, in my local Post Office, the card reader has a card on it stating that you can withdraw money, whoever you bank with.

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Post Office works fine for me?


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I had this in a village a couple of months ago. Had to use the machine outside, which charged £1.99. Notified Monzo (didn’t complain) and they refunded me. Great service.

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You cannot withdraw from the post office counter - Monzo have never said it could and the Post Office website mentioning banking services doesn’t list Monzo. .

Monzo doesn’t need to advertise that they don’t provide a service they have never claimed to provide.

On post office payments, I have never had issues with paying at a post office counter, but a few threads here have stated some card readers don’t accept it. Must be a brand/service of the card readers in some post offices. Remember, many post offices are now franchises so what may work in one post office might not work in another.


Make a purchase

Had this before, at the Post Office counter I was told that they don’t accept MasterCard (not Monzo specifically) and I’d need to use Visa.

Luckily, I had a bit of change on me which covered it but I believe you can use Monzo on the Post Office website without issue.

Used my card at the post office on Saturday to pay for postage.Screenshot_20180912-075334_Monzo

Well I’d asked her if she did cashback, and she said yes, deliberately choosing the Post Office POS instead of the shop POS. She was surprised it didn’t work, and so were Monzo. It was pretty annoying at the time because I was in the middle of buying a pint in another village which turned out to be cash-only (and the pub was the only business), and the landlady had given me a lift to get cash!


Its withdrawing cash that you can’t do

Paying for stamps, postage etc is fine

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They’re not connected to what network?

The OP here is saying that they can’t pay for things at the Post Office using their Monzo card.

Which is strange as I, and many others, seem to have done so successfully,infact I’ll be posting something later Today and using my Monzo Card to pay for it.

You can pay postage but there’s an issue buying envelopes and bubble wrap. 2 different systems

For the avoidance of doubt here, you should be able to buy postage/pay for things at a Post Office counter. Mastercard/Visa are both accepted

You wouldn’t however be able to withdraw cash or use the banking services as we aren’t set up with the Post Office for that :blush:


I wasnt withdrawing cash but paying for goods,my other.mastercard was accepted!