Post office wont accept monzo

There’s another thread all about this but basically lots of Post Offices, especially those that are in Corner Shops like to ‘double-dip’ on your transactions by instead of using your Debit Card exactly as such, they like to try and do a LINK ATM withdrawal instead.

That means they get commission for doing whatever transaction you are doing in the Post Office AND for a LINK ATM withdrawal. Because Monzo aren’t part of the LINK Network this doesn’t work and they throw their toys out of the pram.

Insist they process it as a proper Debit Card transaction and everything will be OK.

EDIT: Just realised its this exact same thread so I suggest you read the rest of the thread and others on this topic!


Hi David. Welcome to the community!

They may give you the impression they think Monzo is a toy bank, but I have a sneaking suspicion that they’ll long outlast the Post Office


Name and Shame any Post Office’s trying to game the system by pulling this nonsense. Make enough noise and soon enough the boss’ will take notice


Westfield London post office is the worst at this

When I was in the post office the other day I was sure to use Apple Pay so the cashier wouldn’t be able to object to my use of Monzo.


When posting I just use the online pay and drop service, gives me a nice label and saves time in the post office, plus saves all the do you have batteries or alcohol in here.

Or just keep the card hidden and wait until the machine turns on and quickly tap.

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That’s what I use to do when boost juice said they won’t accept Apple Pay lol. I’d say I’d pay with card and just tap my phone before they could tell me no.