Use Monzo at Post Offices

I use to be with a bank called Think Money Banking and left them after being with them for over 8 years to join your bank which I really like and tell all my friends about you but one thing TMB did via MasterCard was arranged to draw and pay in to our accounts at our local post office, does your company have any such plans to do the same, because to be honest I have CFS and struggle to get to a bank, having access to a post office is so easy as I live next door to one. just an idea keep up the amazing work.


Hi Iain, I see this is your first post so I’d like to say welcome to the community :slight_smile:

I guess your post is referring to to paying in and withdrawing cash?

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I think Monzo should do the same making it easier for its members to do there banking at a post office because if you did offer this service then I would not have to have two other bank accounts and shut one of them down. Ask your members and see what they think.

They are looking at doing something like this ‘at some point’, though it might not be the Post Office that gets used (tap/click the :arrow_down_small: to see the quote being responded to):


I used my monzo card at the post office today to buy some us$. At first go it failed then the lady took my card off me and typed stuff into her terminal, gave me back my card and I did the pin thing again, it all worked fine. I know this sounds like a pain but it took a max of 1 minute,

Apologies if there’s a more appropriate thread.

Just tried to use my card for a purchase at the Post Office and it was rejected. Is there anything I need to know/do in future?

There is a reply somewhere on this forum about it. It’s just hiding from me at the moment…

If I remember it is a post office issue rather then a Monzo issue, some things like paying a fee for underpaid postage they will only take cash for.

I’m sure someone will correct me :grin:

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This is the post you need! :sunglasses:

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Thanks although this is a bit of an odd one. I’ve been able to make payments at the Post Office before so when you add them to the list, it might be worth mentioning the location too..


Post office is already on the list so assumed it was known issue

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No it wasn’t that (I’ve also used local post office with Monzo), it was something specific about certain services being cash only at post office counters

Did the terminal say anything specific? Do you have the decline receipt? Would be interesting to see exactly why the terminal decided it didn’t like your card. Also did you get a decline notification in the app?

Hi Andrei

All good questions. It was a message like “card declined”. But not sure.

No receipt and no reference in-app.
Perhaps I should revisit and capture the message. Thing is, I rarely use that Post Office.


Can I ask what you were trying to buy?

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Nice to see you here Graham!

The lack of decline message in the app suggests that the terminal (or attached computer) decided to reject the transaction without even attempting it.

Did any other challenger card work (Starling, Revolut, Transferwise Borderless, etc)?


Yep, a box to ship something - in essence…a shipping box. (I just KNOW that’s not what they’re called :rage:).


No, in the end I used an aged Santander debit card to be safe (painful though it was).

Great to be here…:grinning:


My understanding of how Post Offices work is that when you pay for postage, it goes through a national Post Office payment system. This accepts pretty much any card with no minimum. When you buy anything else (a shipping box, envelope, roll of tape, etc.) it is being sold to you by the ‘local shop’ part of that particular branch, and they all have their own systems. Maybe the one you were in had an outdated system that still has issues with the Monzo BIN (long card number)?

Edit: @Demmedelusive it’s worth reporting this to Monzo as they have a team that works on acceptance issues.


I think that’s what I was desperately trying to remember :joy:

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I can’t believe they spent time and effort to over-engineer something as simple as card payments.

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