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I just wanted to take a moment to post a thank you thread for the support team at Monzo, I can see it’s grown a lot, and theres been new faces to replies but cannot fault the times I’ve had to ask anything since the very start.

From Prepaid issues, to switching, features details or anything relating specifically to my account, really cannot fault the time/replies they’ve given!

Even on an occasion where my account went into being overdrawn without being planned, the message they sent wasn’t like a normal banks brute style message, was understanding, and we got the “issue” resolved very quickly!

Can honest say it’s the time, replies and just overall impression thats been given from them which has been the final deciding point in me fully switching to Monzo. This months salary will be going directly into my Monzo for the first time this month.

Really hope I’m not out of place posting this, or if one already exists.

Just needed a way to say thank you properly, and that I’ve personally noticed the different approach in the way they reply compared to most banks customer service! (I’m sure there a huge team behind the scenes who also deserve a thank you too)


Regardless, a well done or thank you goes a very long way. Especially in the Customer Service field.
Well done COps! Well deserved!


I have to agree the COps teams are doing a great job and always talk to you as if you are a person rather than just a job to do.



Thanks all, messages like these are what keep us motivated. We really love being able to help and do something different compared to other companies :grinning:


Couldn’t agree more. Working with them is so effortless I just pop a message and a little while later problem solved!

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Going to give this a bump. :tada: :heart:

Last month a ticket machine swallowed my card and things were resolved nice and quickly, even with me giving wrong addresses and all round being slightly inept. I’m having a few teething issues with Apple Pay but have every confidence things will be resolved without any real effort on my part (even if the verification selfies feel incredibly awkward!)

As good as the app and everything else is, it’s the Support team and processes that really nudge Monzo past both the high street banks, and more notably past other emergent Fintech startups (which can be substantially worse).

They surely deserve an award alone for the 13k support queries about Apple Pay (source)


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