Poor Customer Service Strikes Again

Maybe I am mad but I have actually gone full Monzo again as they fit all my needs and got a loan with decent score with them. I don’t have to use customer service often so can’t really comment on that. Which they would sit there logos.


Customer service at best, I do this al the time :sweat_smile:


Obviously I don’t call them customers in my job but the basic principle applies. I just think it’s the manner in which you take them along with you.

Acknowledging that it’s a bit of a (for lack of a better word) ballache to go through basic steps first gets someone on board with you.


This 100%. Customer support especially frontline will feel like retreading water at the start, it’s just how it goes. The amount of times I have called isps over the years to be told to repeat steps I have already done (and tell them in far more words than the op) it’s just what happens because it will eliminate problems.
The real thing is what happened next.


:eyes: That :arrow_double_up: actually doesn’t seem that bad :thinking: - only one emoji! :pray: :tada:

All of that’s true, but it’s still quite poor to make the customer feel as though they are receiving an obvious cut and paste. It’s not good service to them have to wade through that information and decide what’s relevant.

A lot of work is going on with AI to try to make chatbot conversations more natural and less mechanical for users, and I really don’t like the idea that we might see things going “the other way”, with human conversations becoming more like a chatbot in style.

That makes a lot of sense and probably makes the world of difference in these kinds of situations. I would be much more impressed with the reply if it had been prefaced with something like that, personally.

Of course not, but let’s not forget that most of us here are banking enthusiasts, so we are going to have lots of knowledge. That’s actually quite a high bar to train someone up to, assuming they are starting from square one.

In the early days, a lot of Monzo’s early employees were people who were like that too, and used the product as their primary account so knew all the ins and outs very well. Now that Monzo isn’t a startup, it is difficult to replicate that early-adopter time when both the employees and users were probably quite technical. Better training would help, though.

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Just a thought that some of this feels a bit personal to the person that replied and the service they gave.

Maybe it would be better to mask the customer service agents name before posting an exchange and/or be careful to specify we aren’t attacking the skills of a single customer service agent.

If there’s a problem with a particular staff member’s actions I think a more private channel is appropriate?


I mean at this point it seems to be a recurring problem, which will only get worse as you scale. So I think it needs to be rethought from the ground up but given the job boards they probably either have a problem with scaling or a problem with retention, both which are terrible in the long run

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