(lee) #1

I joined to try them out.

Lipstick on a pig! It’s basically a nicely designed Yorkshire Clydesdale account.

The balance takes days to update. It lets you ‘tag’ spending but not until they officially hit your account. So I bought something, it showed on the account later that day but would not allow it to be tagged for 5 days and it’s the same with all transactions.

I used contactless 4 days ago and there’s still no sign of it showing on the account.

If you give them feedback they reply and say baby steps we’re only X days old.

Changing tabs or actions triggers loading images - like the backwards jumping chicken or basketball.

Apple Store doesn’t accept the card.

The app is better on iPad yet I use iPhone more - and they say this is deliberate!

They should have saved the tv marketing money and spent it on developing it a bit better.

If anyone was thinking of trying them don’t bother Mondo out classes them on everything.

B Current Account
(Terry) #2

Plus the charge £2 a month for the privilege after the first year haha!

(Andrew Ross) #3

Ive switched to them as well and like some of the features - the app is so much better than Santander’s but agree with everything you have put above. The balance of your account doesn’t always seem accurate if you look at the transactions either.

Why I had two debits out of my account (one was refunded) but the refund didn’t show up!

I’m hoping to swap to Mondo’s full banking before I have to pay the £2 fee!

(Andrew Ross) #4

Only 5 customisable expense categories as well! :frowning:

(lee) #5

The contactless payment finally hit the account only took…5 days :roll_eyes:

(Adam) #6

In theory this would be the same with :mondo: if they allowed offline transactions. It will be interesting to see if they will allow offline transactions in the future as surly being an online only card, it limits places where a transaction can be done such as :airplane::bullettrain_side: :ship:?

(lee) #7

Would this be the same though? The 3 second sandwich thing talks about them collecting other information that other banks don’t. Plus Tom said they’ll have at least the same features?

(Adam) #8

I believe the data :mondo: gets is the same as other banks, just :mondo: displays it in a different way and uses 3rd party sites like foursquare to collect as much metadata as possible. So if the transaction was online or offline, the data receive and how :mondo: processed it wouldn’t change. The only thing that would change is the instant notifications.

With offline transactions, the first time :mondo: knows anything about them, it when the merchant attempts to collect the funds from Mondo which is normally 3-5 days from when the transaction was made.

I would prefer to allow offline transactions and sacrifice some instant notifications for the added benefit of being allowed to use the card in more places.

(lee) #9

I’d rather get instant notification - otherwise really what’s the USP Of mondo? Eventually push notifications for overdrafts and a nicely designed app? Why not use youandb instead or Lloyds money manager etc?

The whole point of spending analytics is to see where you are with your money. I read Tom describe RBS talk about real time balance and how they couldn’t do it because of the out dated systems. If Mondo gives us this now and then goes back then I’ll go elsewhere because by far it’s the best feature in my opinion well ahead of coral cards, logos on statements and a good layout. Without a current balance all of the out of date analytics are pointless and we may as well be writing stuff down with a pencil.
The day my mondo notifications aren’t instant is the day I toss the card in the bin!

(Adam) #10

even if it means you are unable to use your card at several places such as the ones already mentioned along with others such as petrol station pay-at-pump which seem to be offline?

It will be interesting to see how :mondo: cope with this when they become a bank.

(lee) #11

Yeh why do we need another bank that follows the same process

(Lee Benson) #12

Yeh why do we need another bank that follows the same process

It’s not about the same “process”. Some merchants don’t have real-time access to the banking network (for example, if they’re on a plane with no Internet access), so there’s nothing to ‘notify’ until they get back online and the transaction is processed.

At that point, you’ll get a notification – but this happens at the whim of the merchant. Mondo can’t tell you about what it doesn’t yet know about!

As @walderston said, it’s either a case of disallowing offline usage (which then limits where you can use the card), or allowing it and sucking up the fact you’re not going to know about it immediately.

(Nick Jackson) #13

I’ve used my Mondo :mondo: card on trains quite happily, and it processed an offline transaction. Maybe the flag is “go online for this transaction if at all possible”?