Picture taken in-app not uploading on Android


I am new and fresh on Monzo, and I am introducing it in my daily spending and enjoying the receipts features.
I’ve tried to take pictures within the app for uploading purposes, but it doesn’t upload it nor show it after I press “save”.
If I upload it from the gallery instead, it goes straight uploading and showing it.

However, I’ve found that the pictures taken with Monzo app are saved in Main Storage/Android/data/co.uk.getmondo/files/Pictures but these can’t be seen from the gallery app.

I didn’t see any related topic, so I don’t know if might be an issue of my phone or Lollipop, rather than the Android versione of the app, but still worth to report it.

If there’s already a solution, I’m all ears.

Thank you very much and keep up the great work!


I think that could be a bug. I am running Android 7.1.1 on a OnePlus 3T and I take pictures of the receipts for everything I buy through Monzo. It might be worth mentioning it to the COps team via the inapp chat with your phone model, OS version, and app version to see if the issue can be replicated.

Ah, that’s interesting. I’ve only used the receipt option a couple of times (just playing), but I had wondered where the images were hiding!

Like Al, mine are going to a similar location in main memory and I can see the images in the Monzo app, but not in Gallery.

Android 6.0.1 and a Samsung phone.

I would be very wary of using this feature: Download receipts

tl;dr: the images you upload are hosted on a public server with no authentication, albeit with a high entropy URL.


Hi. I am using a OnePlus 5T and have only just realised that none of the receipts I copied last week (only just started using the bank) have been uploaded. Any ideas???

@Garv1148 I’m really sorry about this! Would you be able to reach out via the in app chat and we can look into this for you?