Add Receipt / NOT photo to phone

When Adding a receipt
i find my photo app filling up with the photos. (IOS)

would love a setting so can say no to adding to Photos on my phone.

That’s strange, they are not saved on my iPhone. I had two saved early December in an album called Monzo but none since. They seem to be uploaded to and stored on Monzo’s servers.

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Just looked in iphone settings then Monzo permissions
Turned off access to photos - now it uploads like you have experienced.
Thank you

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Where is this setting? I can see anything in Settings > Monzo on iOS?

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image image

this is in IOS settings not the app itself

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Weird, I don’t have that option at all. I wonder if I never turned it on!

Ahah!! Because I’ve never tried to add a receipt…


before i changed it
the setting was
Read and Write but now as you see it is set to Never.

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are you looking in the Monzo app?
the setting is not in the app

I know it’s not.

The Photos setting doesn’t appear unless you’ve granted Monzo permissions (as per my screenshot), which I haven’t, hence why it isn’t appearing where you are showing it (which is exactly where I’d expect it to appear, hence my confusion before you even posted your screenshot).

If I had clicked ‘OK’ to that then I would expect the setting to appear as you then showed in your screenshot.

tl;dr - I get it. All good!