Image upload failed

Using Monzo in Spain and trying to upload a receipt image taken and edited on phone. All Android permissions set (Camera, File Access etc) but getting regular Image upload failed messages. Happen both on flakey free hotel WiFi and on EE roaming data. Is there a log file I can access to send please? Thanks

Hey Mike! That’s not good :frowning: What phone are you on?

Hi Tristan. I’m using a OnePlus three (
with dual sim). Think it’s more down to the poor Internet connection at the
hotel as when on EE LTE in a town I was able to upload OK today. Back at
the hotel though using either the hotel WiFi or Mobile data and a receipt
won’t upload. We’re too used to good 4G data connections in the UK we
forget that even tourist areas of Spain don’t have as good connections. It
would be good if the App would cache the image and upload it when there is
a good data connection. To work well banking apps need to function off line
and in areas of poor coverage. (recognise that some functionality will be
limited but your last available online balance and transactions should
still be available even if the app can’t reach the server).
The instant message with you transaction cost is great though.


rubbish! in parts of Essex we fluctuate between 2G and No Gee and in other areas 3G only not 4. It is a relief to travel to the FSU and get 4G or 3G with all the power bars lit up

I get this error every time I upload. Then if I tap again it completes. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen others say this too so it’s probably a bug