What happens to the receipts

What happens to the receipts photos? Are they uploaded to Mondo’s server or stay local? If they stay local I guess they would all be lost if the phone is not backed up on iTunes… Would it make sense to have a way to export the full local database for later restore if needed?


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They are uploaded, via this API - https://getmondo.co.uk/docs/#attachments

Thanks for the info!

Follow-on question then: Can Mondo staff see the receipts?

Privacy concerns aside, it might be really useful if there is an issue with a transaction (recently had one) and we need to provide “evidence”.


Hi @donquijote22 The images are stored in an object store, and the object location stored in our primary data store. There’s no particular reason for us to build a way for Mondo staff to view the receipts so we’ve not done that, but on the other hand we’ve not gone to any effort to encrypt it with keys we don’t have.

Privacy is something we take seriously, but we’re not building and operating a system where we disavow access to data you’ve generated, like say, an encrypted mail or messaging company.

The data you generate by making transactions, or upload to Mondo will only be accessible to Mondo and you, and if you use a 3rd party application that uses our API, that 3rd party.

It’s still early days and we’re still thinking hard about how to provide great experiences and great security and privacy. Things like fine grained privacy controls and fine grained access controls are on our todo list.

Personally i’m excited about the possibilities of granting API apps limited access to my account to do things like:
“App X will be able to see your Monthly incoming and Monthly outgoings, App X will not be able to see individual transactions” etc…

Let us know what you’d like to see.

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Thanks for the thoughtful answer! I agree that it would be great to grant access to some information. Being able to selectively share the images for specific purposes also seems like it would be really handy!

iOS has some nice models for sharing data with apps. For many things, instead of asking for the user’s permission to access the entirety of their photos (for example), apps can just ask the OS to prompt the user to choose a photo. The user then chooses one, and the app receives access to just that one image.

No permission popups are needed, and a very high level of privacy is ensured.

Similarly, a Mondo app could ask the user to select one of their transactions via a popup of some kind.