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When you attach a picture of a receipt to a transaction, it should be downloadable and should also work across devices. So if I change phones, I should still be able to access the receipt from your servers

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(James Murray-Ferris) #2

It’s not stored on the servers it’s stored in a photo album called Monzo on the iPhone app

(Jedihomer Townend) #3

Really? I’d have thought it was also stored on their servers. If you are attaching receipts to a item, then for whatever reason your phone dies/stolen/drunkenly lost in a NY bar. Then re-installing the app on a new phone I’d expect notes and images to be attached.

(James Murray-Ferris) #4

Notes I would think are stored on their database but definitely on iOS you have an album where the receipt is stored and if you delete from that album it disappears in the app (the album syncs with iCloud though and is included in your backups so in your scenario a phone restore would get you your receipts back)


That’s my request. For them to be stored on their servers so they are available if you change or lose your phone. What’s the point otherwise?
Also i am aware the images are stored locally but on Android you have to know where to look.
Finally when viewing the pic of the receipt, it has no options within the Monzo app. For example, I should be able to share it from the app directly.

I hope that’s clear


Re icloud back, i can see what you mean. But the link back to Monzo is lost.

The whole point should be that your paper receipt is forever tied to the transaction on the app.

(Andrew Schofield) #7

Receipt images are uploaded to an s3 bucket and linked to the individual transactions. I’ve wiped my phone a couple of times since I started using Monzo and all the transactions still have access to the original images.

You can check this yourself via the API if you want…

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(James Murray-Ferris) #8

While it should loose its link to the Monzo app when you restore a backup I understand that you are asking a feature that it is uploaded to a server…could use up quite a bit of space depending on how heavily compressed and how much it’s used

(Andrew Schofield) #9

Here’s an example from the API with the linked image:

      "id": "tx_00009CsR2PH8YwDDfIWS7V",
      "created": "2016-10-01T15:15:05.44Z",
      "description": "VINEYARD SERVICE STATI ABINGDON      GBR",
      "amount": -308,
      "currency": "GBP",
      "merchant": "merch_00009CsR2TWAmyCmC7HvJR",
      "notes": "Milk and bread",
      "metadata": {
        "Category_1": "undefined",
        "Category_2": "undefined",
        "Category_3": "undefined",
        "notes": "Milk and bread"
      "account_balance": 9692,
      "attachments": [
          "created": "2016-10-01T15:42:15.511Z",
          "external_id": "tx_00009CsR2PH8YwDDfIWS7V",
          "file_type": "",
          "file_url": "",
          "id": "attach_00009CsTSifTHfh3OGyua9",
          "type": "",
          "url": "",
          "user_id": "blah"
      "category": "groceries",
      "is_load": false,
      "settled": "2016-10-03T11:35:07.87Z",
      "local_amount": -308,
      "local_currency": "GBP",
      "updated": "2017-02-13T13:51:08.106Z",
      "account_id": "blah",
      "counterparty": {},
      "scheme": "gps_mastercard",
      "dedupe_id": "353699100161001074018010495",
      "originator": false,
      "include_in_spending": true

Specifically this image:

(James Murray-Ferris) #10

I stand corrected! Clearly stored in 2 locations both locally and in the data service

(Hugh) #11

Not sure I like the fact these are just dumped on S3 and publicly accessible. Lots of companies have come to grief that way… A random URL does not secure whatever it is pointing at.


I mean: WOW! A publicly accessible bucket for a financial product? That certainly undermines my personal trust in Monzo to a very large extent…

edit: Sadly I’m not really surprised but still: I would’ve hope Monzo can do better than that…


Can you pull up another person’s receipt image?

(Hugh) #14

Yes. That’s the point/problem


I wasn’t asking if that was the problem. I was asking for someone else’s receipt image.


Not sure what else to say, other than have a look here (Credit goes to @uncle_fungus )


Yes, I saw that. But can you bring me up a receipt that isn’t linked.


But if I do so, it will be linked. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Also, yes, I’m sure I can if I have enough time or computing power this is trivial. But firstly that would likely be construed as a breach of law [unauthorised access to another’s computer, aka “hacking”, or whatever this is called in the UK], and secondly I have better things to do with my time.)

(Hugh) #19

Well here’s an image I just took and attached to a transaction?



Which is your own data. I can get my own receipt images in the same way.

I’m asking for someone to link me to a random image that isn’t their own, or already linked in this or any other thread.