Periscope Chat with Tom Blomfield (:mondo: CEO) 15/8/16 📺

(Alex Sherwood) #1

Here’s the link to yesterday’s Periscope chat (the video’s embedded in the tweet) -

Tom answered questions on:

  • The Android app (1:45)
  • Paying salaries into :mondo: accounts (2:55)
  • Business bank accounts - Tom recommends using Tide† in the UK or Seed in the US (4:14)
  • Joint accounts (5:35)
  • Reserving account numbers when current accounts launch (6:27)
  • Offering several account &/or card numbers per user (7:21)
  • The evolution of Mondo’s tech, now that it’s a bank (8:20)
  • Will there be any noticeable changes for card holders now that :mondo: is a bank. Tom also talks about new features that will be released in the next few weeks (trip reports which have just become available & budgeting). (9:10)
  • When will :mondo: be available overseas (10:30)
  • Update on the new name (11:30)

Please post feedback about the chat in this thread Periscope Chat feedback.

† Tide are backed by Passion Capital who are also investors in Mondo.

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Fantastic! I watched the chat yesterday and wanted to listen to the bit about offering several card numbers again. This made it a lot easier to find. :smile:

(MikeF) #3

It says ‘replay unavailable’ for me.

(Alex Sherwood) #4

That’s strange, it’s still working for me when I click through to the tweet. Might be your browser or if you’re on your phone, it may not play unless you have the app?


yep on my phone it says replay unavailable until you install the Periscope app which a pain

(Ben Green) #6

That’s odd. Same for me on iPhone but ok on my iPad and neither has Periscope installed :thinking: