Iphone App

(Ollie Strong) #1

When can we expect the next ios app update? Updates are normally released every couple weeks.

Have we got any ideas what new features might be in the next release?

(Alex Sherwood) #2

This next release is (probably) a big one, as it should include the new goals / targets feature. Bear in mind that they’ll have been working on support for the Siri integration too, ready for the Apple event & iOS 10 launch tomorrow.

Based on Tom’s comments in the Periscope chat, the rollout of the goals feature it is a bit overdue now…

I feel your pain too!

(Rika Raybould) #3

I don’t know when the next public release will be but since the name change, we’ve had a steady stream of bug fix releases and minor tweaks on TestFlight.

As @alexs said, there are a few bigger things in the pipeline to look forward to. The best time scale we have right now though is soon™.

(Alex Sherwood) #4

I should have mentioned, as far as I’m aware, the goals / targets functionality isn’t in the TestFlight version of the app yet, which would suggest it’s not right around the corner :grimacing:

I don’t have TF but @RichardR or one of the other users can hopefully confirm that. Also, does anyone know of any instances where major functionality hasn’t been released in TF before being released in the main app?

(Rika Raybould) #5

I can confirm that targets is, at the very least, not visible in the TestFlight version. While I do regular inspections of the App Store release app bundle contents and occasional disassembly of the app binary, Apple keeps killing my ability to do that with TestFlight apps and ruining all my fun in the process. :cry:

Off the top of my head, all major functionality I can think of has been in TestFlight before the App Store release, even if not enabled for all users. The main example of this is Travel Reports that while was technically in the TestFlight builds, was not and is still not enabled for most users even now that it’s in the App Store builds as it is only enabled for a very specific group of testers that does not fully overlap with people registered for TestFlight (those who were leaving the country for holiday or business travel).

(Tristan Thomas) #6

New update later this week/early next week which is the same as in TestFlight :slight_smile: Then some big releases around targeting, Siri etc :tada:

(Ollie Strong) #7

Can’t wait for the update. Would love to be part of Test Flight at some point.

(Ollie Strong) #8

Anticipating app version 1.7 dropping today or tomorrow :pray: