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Ministry of Justice - @hugo - Show The Thing, Q&A - 27/04/2017

Golang UK Conference 2015 - Matt Heath - Building a Bank with Go - 10/09/2015 Developer Talk

Large banking systems are incredibly dated, often as a result of a series of mergers between banks, leading to a patchwork of different systems & technologies. As a result, the pace of innovation in the banking industry has slowed to a crawl. At Mondo we are building a new kind of bank, a smart bank that belongs in the 21st century, and we’re building it almost entirely in Go. This talk will cover how we are developing new core banking systems from scratch backed by a microservice based platform written in Go, running across multiple data centres using tools including Docker and Mesos. We also look at why Go is perfectly suited to this, our architectural decisions, common pitfalls to avoid, and lessons learnt when developing high volume, low latency, distributed Go applications.

Tom Blomfield - Banking APIs - A Threat or an Opportunity? - 03/12/2015

APIdays London next 23-24th of September will focus on APIs in the Banking and Fintech industries for delivering state of the art business cases and technical best practices to upgrade models and legacy software with APIs, with worlwide expert from the banking and fintech industry that are actually working on this topic.

Simon Vans Colina (Mondo Bank) - DevOps at a Startup Bank - 07/03/2016 Developer Talk

How Micro Services change the service discovery story for DevOps engineers. How GoLang changes the deployment story. How clustering will change how you do deployments. Can a bank be a “distributed system?” You’re building a system. What’s core, whats bolt-on.

An update on Mondo… in 96 seconds - 31/05/2016

We’re juggling a few big projects here at Mondo Towers, all while working towards our banking licence.

In the meantime we thought you’d appreciate a mini-update from our CEO Tom Blomfield.

Our CEO, Tom Blomfield, speaking at AWS Summit London 2016 :tada: - 08/07/2016
Tom talks about why he started Mondo, rather than tolerating the outdated high street banks.

Periscope Chat with Tom Blomfield - 15/08/2016

Goodbye Mondo, Hello M… #NewMondo - 25/08/2016

We’re changing our name, and if you’re watching here you’ll be first to hear all about it!

Android App Launch - 29/09/2016

Building a Bank with Kubernetes - 19/10/2016 Developer Talk

In this talk Oli will talk about how Monzo are building a micro-services core banking platform, and how Kubernetes enables it.

The Path to Master Material Design - 20/10/2016 Designer Talk
Hugo talks about Monzo’s approach to native app design and development and how it enables them to produce a banking app that feels native to your phone’s OS and how they can give you the best user experience possible.

Microservices in Go - 26/10/2016 Developer Talk

Matt Heath talks about the advantages of building a modern banking backend using the Go and various services.

Answers questions on

  • How to transactionally commit events to Kafka
  • How source code is structured in Go
  • Distributed transactions
  • Go database support
  • Code demonstration of Go microservice
  • Considered alternatives to Go
  • Splitting into microservices continuously instead of upfront
  • Considered encapsulation of Java enqueue into Go service

Building A Modern Banking App - 22/11/2016 Developer Talk

Just over 18 months ago we set out to build the ‘best bank on the planet’ from scratch. Today with 45,000 users and counting, our goals remain the same; to make managing your money as simple as ordering a pizza or a taxi. Join us for an introduction to the newly released Android beta, an insight into the challenges faced and a glance at the possibilities for the future, from the engineering team who made it happen.

Designing The Monzo App - 4/11/2016

So You've Just Signed Up to Monzo, What Next? Tips :bulb: (open Wiki)