Text recognition on receipts

(Edward Ferguson) #1

As others have mentioned, purchases from supermarkets include a wide variety of goods. My idea is that once a receipt is added, the app reads the receipt and uses the information to categorise the spending on a more granular level. I know it’s possible technically but would others find it useful and are there any data protection limitations?


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(Alex Sherwood) #2

You’re looking at 3 features in 1 here -

for the comments of Mondo’s Head of Design on categories, take a look at this post

for Hugo’s comments on splitting single transactions into multiple categories, see this post

& for the discussion about converting the receipt’s text (using Optical Character Recognition) and capturing it in the app, there’s this post

These are popular requests and my guess is that these features will get more attention after the launch of goals / targets, which will hopefully be any day now…

There might even be some changes to categories when that next update is released.

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