Already have a Mondo Card & Android App

(nick.latocha) #1

I already have a Mondo Card - I moved from iPhone a few months back - the app looks good so far and isn’t showing my queue position - which is hopefully as expected!

Looking forward to testing more features!

(Liam Grant) #2

Mine showed my balance instead of a queue position :slight_smile:

(nick.latocha) #3

Yeah same here! £4.56 haha :slight_smile:

(Tristan Thomas) #4

Yeah, that was a little Easter egg we popped in :slight_smile: can’t wait to expand it properly though!



Has your Mondo card got raised 16 digit numbers like normal debit/credit cards or are they flat and appear “typed on”?

Thanks, Rob


The digits are raised.


I’ve juse installed the Android app and there are 60,470 in front of me. I guess I’ve got quite a wait.

(nick.latocha) #8

Digits are Raised. How come?!


If they are flat and look like they’ve been printed on, then the card isn’t usable at pay at pumps or when flying and you want to purchase something.

(Rob) #10

I understand Mondo Beta cards are only suitable for online-only transactions; unless the retailer has a live link to obtain an authorisation for the transaction it will be declined. Moreover, the cards cannot be used for pay-at-pump at all. Also worth checking out the known issues.

(Ben) #11

That’s a really useful feature - I only have to turn on my iTouch if I actually need to top up, as opposed to checking my balance!

(Kyle Monk) #12

Really looking forwardst to mondo on android, have an alpha card and the app on my work iphone but it is a bit of a pain having to lug it around at weekends to check balance etc. I dont seem to have the balance check feature yet, is there something tbat i need to do to activate this?

(Adam) #13

The android version is not ready yet. You will only be able to see the queue and notified once at the top. Once there, the app will not do anything until :mondo: finish developing the app itself.


Is there an alpha version of the app we could get?
I was on the waiting list for ages until I thought of “borrowing” my other half’s iPhone to sign up
I made it to the top of the list remarkably quickly (think a few referrals must have gone through).
Now I’m stuck with an Android app that lets me do nothing… and I’m going to have to figure out how to top up. I guess that will mean borrowing the iPhone again…

I would love to see a minimum viable product version of the app being delivered. I’m less fussed about having the glitzy UI from the get-go: I’d rather start using the product “in anger” to really start testing properly.

For what it’s worth, I work in product management (also in Fintech) and I have been known to do a little development too. I’ve been tinkering with the API already and plan on doing something around that to fill the gaps left by the lack of Android app.

However - any kind of access to an alpha or pre-release would be greatly appreciated!

(Tristan Thomas) #15

Not yet but rest assured, as soon as there is, we’ll get it in your hands (and mine!) :slight_smile: This will be even more MVP than the iPhone app so be forewarned :wink: