Periscope Chat feedback

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #1

First of all I thought it is a great idea to have these monthly meet ups to let those interested see and hear some of the team talking about ideas and coming developments, reasons for doing things in a certain way etc - fantastic to see the openness of Mondo. - You’re going to need a bigger room as word gets out about these meet the team sessions :wink:

For periscope viewers -

  • I couldn’t see the TV screen when you were demonstrating features - so became a bit meaningless as I couldn’t see what you were talking about.
  • the continual panning was a bit annoying - perhaps you could position the camera so the whole team , inc Bailey was always in shot ?
  • with the sound at its highest setting I could hear Bailey quite loudly :wink: but struggled to hear anybody else - - the mike on the table was that for everybody ? - individual mikes ? pass the mike around ?

there is clearly an appetite for meeting the team with 1400 ish views

Periscope Chat with Tom Blomfield (:mondo: CEO) 15/8/16 :tv:

How do I go about getting one of those T-Shirts?

(Tristan Thomas) #3

Thanks Ian! For sure :slight_smile: That’s all on the list to improve next time!

(James Billingham) #4

Where was it announced btw? I didn’t hear about it at all, but would have loved to come.

(Tristan Thomas) #5

@billinghamj I believe that this was a trial run with people who’d submitted photos of themselves with name suggestions. The plan is to broaden it out and use it to run them monthly and be open to all :slight_smile: @bailey is on it (and hopefully our new community manager :wink: soon )

(Bailey Kursar) #6

This is great feedback, thanks all!

  1. @simon has already been exploring ways to get the audio quality much better for Periscope (sorry if I was too loud!)

  2. The TV screen issue is a pain - we’ll think about how to make this better (a projector maybe?)

  3. Tshirts - @tristan is working on a plan to make them more available!

  4. Invites - to be honest I was really cautious because it’s a pretty small space and I didn’t want to be completely overwhelmed. Having set up the space last night and put all the chairs out, I think we could comfortably host 60 people (any more and it would have been very crowded). So with that number we can think about future events.

I also think the format could improve, and our new Community Manager will hopefully be come up with some more engaging material.

All feedback super welcome, let’s see if we want to do more…

(Rumee Ahmed) #7

Great idea but had a few problems:

  1. The camera quality was terrible.
  2. Sound quality was also not great.
  3. Sound would often stop for a second at intervals.

Would love to hear it in a podcast format :ok_hand:

(Rika Raybould) #8

Without turning this in to a repeat of the Snapchat thread, Periscope is great and the format seems good but I don’t think the format works on Periscope.

I unfortunately come to this from experience of things like the TriCaster, Livestream Studio and hardware video mixers like the ATEM where I’ve had direct video feeds of presentations, iOS devices and every person has had a wireless lav mic on them at minimum so feel free to disregard anything I say here.

Periscope is incredible for quick and dirty, on the ground live streams but for streaming a planned discussion from a whole room, the limitations of it really show. If you want to turn this in to a regular thing, find a platform where there’s the overlap between being able to get good audio and video in to it and where the people are. I like YouTube Live but Facebook Live is also getting really good for this.

Sound is the biggest issue, you could drop down to no video at all and still have an entertaining stream on just audio. Many Japanese streams are more radio shows with a video feed of a wall and some Powerpoint slides of announcements unless there’s something specific to show.

Direct video feed of anything you’re trying to show is essential and it’s fairly easy to do with the right setup. Trying to record a screen is a total nightmare even if you’re working under studio lights, everything reflects and you have to balance the screen brightness exactly right or it blows out too bright.

Single camera panning is indeed annoying, consider a multi-cam setup but understand that you then have to have someone running the switcher and it’s a lot more cost and time to set up.

Anyway, other than technical points, the content seemed fairly solid! :thumbsup:

(Bailey Kursar) #9

Hi all,

Again, appreciate the feedback! For anyone who is interested, I’ve cut the panel discussion into a 35 minute downloadable podcast:

If there’s good feedback on the format I think this is something we could do more regularly.

Let me know your thoughts (and before you say it, yes, next time we’d record in more of a soundproofed room so there isn’t so much background noise!)

:grinning: :radio:

(Maxim Harper) #10

Perhaps something simple to solve the audio variability between different speakers is to run through The Levelator. It has variable results, but sometimes is magic. Worth a try, it’s free.

Also, the sound overall is that it was very quiet. I had to use headphones vs my MacBook — perhaps boost overall volume before exporting?

Other than mild audio complaints, loving the transparency and speakers thoughts. Keep it up!

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #11

I think the sound is much better , not sure I can concentrate on it for 35 minutes :wink: , maybe shorter format of one or two “interviewees” of 10 or 15 minutes , maybe a bit more in-depth - i.e. speaking to emma about verification of account holders - carry on to how a customer is verified, what are the cash restrictions when you’re not verified , how much more money you can withdraw when verified - why ? - “you can find more info on all these in T and Cs” where mag stripes work and where they are a bit dodgy etc etc - I would also like to see a transcript of the interview for the hard of hearing to be more inclusive - presumably you could put this up on twitter - when talking to Hugo, display the screens that he is talking about under the sound recording ? -

With almost 16,500 followers on twitter this is a big audience who have a lot of followers themselves that
would perhaps be happy to listen for 2 or 3 minutes on features that they don’t know about because they haven’t got the "unlocked " app yet

Have a library of features with a quick demo video with sound recording, rather than just a screen shot picture of transferring money , immediate notification etc etc, - easier to see in a short video - we are increasingly busy (and maybe a bit lazy) in todays world and I feel it would be a good way for Mondos followers to show their part interested friends why they should sign up - the gif image of your card being OMW ! is obviously received very well - why not “feature” gifs - thats as long as they need to be .

(Kelvin Williams) #12

Just watched @Tom on the Periscope Chat. I only use Periscope to get similar feedback and Mondo is the main one. However I tried to put a question but was unable to as it was locked to only those that Mondo follows. How do I get to put questions on future Chats?

(Kal Mba) #13

Out of a meeting straight into periscope. Viewing was fine for me quality was great on my phone. I think periscope is fine for these informal interviews and updates great work @bailey keeping the intimate feel.
The different card numbers for different DD’s are a great idea. As well as paying in account number that cant pay out.
:-1: boo for no announcement on name but great to see its almost done.:+1: #cantwait

(Kal Mba) #14

Hey @tristan as @Christophorus said…where them t-shirts at man… :sweat_smile: we waiting :clock1::smiley: I want to add it to my geekfash wardrobe.

(Adam Hockley) #15

I won one just wailting for to be ordered and be more sexier then old ones :slight_smile:

(Kal Mba) #16

Soooo jel :smirk:. Might have to print my own. If there are no other competitions to win one :grin:

(Tristan Thomas) #17

I have a calendar appointment today at midday for something that’s going to make you t-shirt lovers happy :slight_smile:



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(Will Stanley) #19

Now that is exciting. I would love a Mondo/New bank name beginning with M T-shirt.


I’m on tenterhooks here.