PayPoint Shops don’t know how to process cash deposits

(Michael) #85

Around Portsmouth we have more than one type of Co-Op (e.g. Southern Co-Op, Co-Operative Food). Is it them all or just the Manchester based one?

(Gary ) #86

Literally went to a central London shop today! Asked do you do PayPoint, yeah of course… I said can I top this up please… ”no sorry we don’t do that one here”…i asked are you sure that’s correctI, As paypoints own website directed me here… Oh the machine just dosen’t do those cards!

(it was clearly a lie to fob me off) but all of a sudden the excuse became its just not working today at all (that was after I questioned is it not part of your contract).

Trying to do my first paying of cash… Utterly useless! though it’s not Monzo directly, it just isn’t a pleasant experience and Monzo should not affiliate with themselves with poor third parties.

(Splodf) #87

I’ve said since day one Paypoint is a stopgap solution.

Unfortunately for those carrying cash the gap it’s stopping is people no longer carrying cash rather then a more suitable solution.

(Gary ) #88

I would consider myself cashless, but work had to pay me back petty cash which left me with it!

Felt like a barrier to using my account, though Monzo are not the ones first hand dealing with the shops they are Associated with them and it was poor service!

(Splodf) #89

I completely agree.

I received a cash present for my birthday last month. It was easier for me to put it into my girlfriends bank and transfer across then I imagine it would be wrestling with Paypoint.

Cheaper too.

(Andy) #90

Exactly what I did earlier, took less than 5 mins to deposit and transfer and didn’t cost anything. Also deposited cheque at same time in same machine too :raised_hands:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #91

2nd (well 3rd… but the week before launch doesn’t count :joy::innocent:) PayPoint use. :sunglasses: Needed to deposit some Christmas cash and it was seamless, even more so than last time!

I asked to topup my card, handed Monzo over, the cashier looked at it and asked if it was “like a cash thing?” to which I replied yes, he asked how much I’d like to put on it - he then swiped it, keyed the amount in (I got the Monzo notification) and then handed my card back to me along with a receipt and asked “did you get the notification through?” - I was pretty impressed :sunglasses: I’m either not his first Monzo customer OR that PayPoint memo worked wonders :hot_coral_heart:

Very happy to have tried two PayPoints in my city, I’ll have to use a different location when I next accrue some cash :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy: just so I can see how uniform the experience is :wink:

I noticed something new this time around, the time on the feed item for the “Cash” was set to 10 minutes after the time on the receipt :eyes: a nice touch :boom:


It’s been like that for a while - I’d venture on always…

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #93

Good to know :smiley:

I hadn’t noticed it the first time :innocent: It’s definitely a nice to have hehe :smiley:

(Matt ) #94

I think you have better luck if you use the phrase top up. They are used to hearing that

(Gavin) #95

I put money in my monzo account using Paypoint and it was very simple once i explained it to the shop how to do it now he knows for the next time someone asks him


I did it yesterday 8 shops later and returning to the first shop and telling the cashier to just swipe the card once that was done it was simple.

They know some of their bill payments on PayPoint require swiping a card so that isn’t the problem.

It just worries people the moment you mention the word bank.


I’ve not used this yet but often get paid expenses back in cash. I phoned HR and I’m apparently allowed to claim the £1 fee back as an expense too :grin:

(Gavin) #98

Was really easy after i explained to them

(Elliot ) #99

Went to deposit cash tonight at the post office in the local shop (into my santander account to transfer across) but the post office closed at 2pm. Noticed they had a paypoint system - went through no issues :ok_hand:

(Elliot ) #100

Same process for me. I think as long as you say it’s a top up they understand the process.


So I just tried to make my first cash deposit via PayPoint, but it didn’t work :pensive:.

I thought having read every single post on the couple of threads here about PayPoint and depositing cash that I would be one of the people who got it to work :joy:.

I told the shopkeeper I wanted to add £X onto my card, he immediately went to put it in the chip and pin slot, but I told him the card needs swiped instead.
He tried swiping it through the PayPoint machine multiple times, but it didn’t do anything. He then told me that they don’t accept cash deposits/top ups to Monzo in that shop. I told him that all PayPoint machines accept it, but was again told “well we don’t accept it mate!”. He said that someone else had been in the other day and it didn’t work then either. There was a queue of people lining up behind me, and at that point I walked off rather embarrassed :see_no_evil:.

I’ve let Monzo know. Still need to pay in my Christmas money though :joy:
I can’t wait for cash to be a thing of the past!

(Gavin) #102

He must of been swiping the wrong bit of the card


Just got a response through Monzo chat… not the response I was expecting :thinking:

“…thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately we don’t cover all PayPoint stations.
You can find your nearest PayPoint provider by entering your postcode here.”

I have written back to explain that the PayPoint location I went to, is the same nearest PayPoint location which is listed through the link the chat advisor sent me.
I’m really confused now :weary:

Edit: now being asked for the address of the PayPoint location I went to - I already provided the store name and address in my original message to the advisor :see_no_evil:

(Gavin) #104

I was just told by customer servoce that they do cover all of the paypoints