Cash deposits and in app chat support

Have used Monzo since beta and finally went to make my first cash deposit today, only to be told by two PayPoints that they wouldn’t accept it.

Thought I’d raise this by getting in touch in app (as suggested on, but I cannot see how to do this anywhere in the app.

Planning to give customer services a call later, but wondered if anyone here could explain in the meantime.


Edit: Found the in app chat by searching “contact support” on the help pages. Why isn’t there just a button in the Help menu?

You need to search “contact us” in the help tab. It is a pain in the arse.


They do accept Monzo, they just don’t realise they do. Sadly Monzo can’t train the staff.

You need to report them to PayPoint.


Or maybe they don’t want to pay the Paypoint commission rates on that cash or the bank commission rates for depositing that cash in their bank account

Also, don’t waste your time calling them.

PayPoint is difficult, there are lots of threads on here about it if you use the search function.

If you have a Co-op near you, try them. They usually accept it, no fuss. You just might need to tell them to swipe the card instead of inserting the chip.


Because people would press it when they want help.


Can vouch for the Co op. Deposited cash into Monzo a good number of times from various stores and each time hassle free!


Thanks all. This is such basic stuff, I almost felt too silly to post the message. Totally baffling that I’ve had to ask the community how to ask the bank for help depositing money into the bank.

I rarely want to deposit any cash and have previously deposited to my other bank account, but thought I’d check this out as I’m thinking about going “full Monzo”. I guess I’m not quite ready to give up such “legacy services”.


Always keep a legacy open for these kind of reasons, even if you never use it, it’s alwYs good to have one available.


People have said that if you say “I’d like to top up this card” rather than a variation of “I’d like to make a deposit” then that can have more success. Because sometimes the issue is they don’t understand what you’re asking them to do, so putting the request in ‘Paypoint terms’ can help.

On the other hand, sometimes you get a shop that knows full well what you want to do and they just plain don’t want to let you do it. This is in breach of their conditions with Paypoint, but doesn’t always seem to stop them.

FWIW, I recommend keeping another bank account open for cash and cheque deposits (and for having a Visa card to go with your Monzo Mastercard). There’s no harm from having two open accounts, and “full Monzo” doesn’t necessarily mean “exclusively Monzo”; I consider myself “full Monzo” even though it’s not the only current account I have open.