Paying in cash with Monzo

Hi Monzo community!

I don’t know if anyone else experiences difficulties with this, but I’ve been attempting to pay cash into my account for the first time over the last couple of days, and it’s an awful process.

Firstly, PayPoint’s site and search function seems prehistoric and isn’t intuitive whatsoever, which is a shame given how advance and easy to use the Monzo interfaces are. It’s outdated and seems to repeatedly glitch when entering a post code.

Secondly, upon finding a local store and asking to pay in cash, the person working there politely laughed and said “here we go - it’s a terrible system”, which wasn’t a great start.

They mentioned the system they use to accept cash deposits is extremely temperamental and rarely accepts amounts over £100. Given I wanted to pay in £300, they suggested doing it in £100 increments. Sure enough, the first £100 deposit was accepted, and the others were not.

Having gone back again today to attempt the same, even the £100 deposit wasn’t accepted, and after numerous attempts, only £50 was able to be added.

I figured rather than wasting time going back and forth doing multiple deposits over the coming days, I would go to the next nearest PayPoint store, which was a ten minute walk away per the locations listed on the PayPoint website. Frustratingly, upon arrival I was told they were no longer a PayPoint location, even though they are still listed on the PayPoint website.

In today’s day and age, surely there’s a better platform and infrastructure that can be leveraged to make cash deposits than this?!

Luckily, I’m not in any rush to have the money in my account, but if I was, I’d be in a real difficult situation right now.

Any advice on better PayPoint stores in the Clapham area and means of depositing cash in future would be much appreciated.



The staff/stores don’t want to do it most of the time, so make various excuses.

Post office support for cash deposits is coming “soon”

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I’ve never tried a paypoint to deposit cash as I don’t tend to use cash. I’d advise opening a bricks and mortar bank (HSBC etc) deposit cash there and just do a bank transfer to your Monzo. I have a first direct bank account (which is a partner of HSBC so can use their branches to pay in - plus can pay in via post office too). Not ideal if you want to be total Monzo but it’s always good having a second bank account that you can visit. Hope this helps

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I’ve used the Co-op 2 mins walk from Balham station a few times and it’s always worked.

In general whenever this sort of discussion comes up on here the solutions are either 1. Use the co-op or 2. Just pay the money into another bank account.

Just on this, since the switch to Mastercard you can only do this with branches that have counters.

Otherwise you’ll be politely told to go and find one that does.

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I still love how they said there’d be a swathe of benefits to moving to Mastercard and so far all I’m aware of that’s changed is you can’t use the paying in machines at HSBC :joy:


Oh have they still not updated this yet.

It’s been “coming soon” ever since the switch. I asked recently and they said “we’re still absolutely working on a fix”.

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Frustrating I agree, hence I keep my spare Starling account for savings, cheques and cash to post office transfer. I can’t imagine anyone just having one bank account? My eggs never go in one basket, regardless who I use…. Loyalty is a strange concept for me! I always use a variety for that “just in case” moment!

I feel your pain, I’ve been thru all the scenarios above, and others. Retailers who can’t work the card reader system, then say Monzo cards don’t work, when we know they do. Struggling to pay money in, and the small amounts, was one reason I ditched Monzo business & moved to Mettle. Paying in money is great - the app generates a qr code with how much you want to pay in, all the cashier at the post office has to do is scan the qr code, check the cash, and the post office system does the rest - they are often not familiar with the process, but its so easy, they are v happy & impressed, and so am I. maybe Monzo will bring in something similar with the post office integration? In the meantime I suggest you pay in cash etc via another bank.

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Like FD Notifications - it’s coming tomorrow, then tomorrow ad nauseam :wink:


Ive never had an issue whilst using coops. Small corner shops have always been a pain, so I’d recommend finding a coop if you can!

Go to a main supermarket with a paypoint, and they’ll happily take the cash off you up to £1,000, worked at my local Asda