PayPoint Shops don’t know how to process cash deposits

I’d disagree just as PayPoint is more of an agent through which transactions are processed - the Post Office can sell you their own broadband, insurance etc. :slight_smile:

I accept that difference and have added it to my list above :grin:

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I wouldn’t say “goal” - it’s something on our radar but not actively being planned or worked towards. We looked at it as part of the general aim to have cash deposits but PayPoint worked out better (not having to replace all the cards for example :sweat:).

We’ll continue to evaluate how it’s going so if adding Post Office deposits would bring a significant benefit to a good amount of customers we might look at doing it :slight_smile:


I think the plan is to send each PayPoint retailer a postcard with instructions :slight_smile:


True, but do PayPoint machines even have chip readers? I thought they were purely magstripe affairs (remember the old top-up cards for mobiles? Things like that).

Also, I realised, the Post Office must be doing something other than just reading the PAN off the chip - because new cards are required. Makes me want to compare old and new Starling cards and see the change…

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Yeah they do have chip readers, quite a few pre payment energy meters use chips for topups

Ooh, I didn’t know that. One of the flats in my building has a prepaid meter (there’s a shared meter cupboard) and it has some kind of key thing, not a card.

With the amount of competition in the energy market, I’m amazed any of these things are still around to be honest. Even for people who prefer prepaid or have no credit history, smart meter prepaid tariffs that are cheaper and easier to top up are available.

Which brings us back to PayPoint. Who does it really exist for and how long can it continue? While I give them credit for constantly trying to add things… SuperDry uses them for returns (it wasn’t a bad experience, the guy knew how, the return worked… But dropping my return off at a small little shop felt so sketchy), for example, the reality is that in 2019 there are just easier, better and more accessible ways to do everything they do.

While they largely aim at the unbanked, banks like Monzo improve the accessibility of financial services so much (don’t trust me, the Queen agrees!) that the world of shadow banking (including PayPoint) just can’t survive much longer. It’ll be like cash, a slow death, but it can’t last.

And maybe that’s actually the brilliance… Use a service on the same downward trajectory as cash itself for cash handling. And let them both fade away, replaced with better, cheaper, safer alternatives.


I added cash to my Amazon account at a PayPoint and it was a very quick and easy affair.

Isn’t that basically just buying yourself a gift card?

I swear I’m not trying to be cynical. It’s just hard for me to see this business as having a future.

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In effect yes, but any amount between £1 and £250.

Isn’t that the same with gift cards? And gift cards have no fees (does PayPoint for Amazon?)

No fees in PayPoint. Unsure if you buy a phyiscal giftcard with cash in any amount.


You can order a physical gift card, for any amount, and have Amazon from deliver it to you :slightly_smiling_face:

But AFAIK, you can only buy set denominations in stores, £15, £30, £50, etc :yum:

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Ah yes that’s what I was thinking. They have them on the website for any amount. Cool they PayPoint charges no fees for this to the customer. It makes sense. Like any payment processing the merchant should eat the cost.


I tried to deposit some of my XMAS cash which received into my account at Co-Op, they were not really to sure how to do this.
First they tried to use the Chip&Pin which did not recognise it card, then they got much further with swiping my card on the terminal.
Next issue was when they were trying to process my payment, it was trying to go through but was having issues connecting at “the other end” and was unable to connect for some reason.

In the end ended up going to my local Texaco and this went straight through no issues.

Can’t comment in the Co Ops POS - but I know from working at a Shell garage that our Paypoint is very temperamental.
I’m not sure the reason why this is, but it’s actually becoming a rare occasion for a payment to process correctly first time without an error message and voiding the transaction.
That is perhaps what has happened when the colleague in the Co Op tried to swipe your card - they may have received an error message resulting in the transaction being voided.
I guess this can look bad on Monzo’s part for customers - due to the fact mentioned above, that staff are so lacked of training on how to use this system correctly, and are not fully aware of all the features Paypoint has to offer for it’s customers. I think this is something that Paypoint should look at improving however as I’m sure they must lose out on quite a bit of commission from other services that they offer, which employees are just clueless about.

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I’m not convinced the training issues is a Paypoint issue but the actual material getting to the people that are using the machines. I’ve had issues when Paypoint implemented a new feature that allowed for the printing out of pre-paid post labels. The majority of the local retailers denied it could be done even after Paypoint spoke to them over the phone and tried to train them.

They did eventually find a retailer (a sole trader) willing to do it and after I explained the issue I had experienced he told me he had received a pack on how to do it and he knew exactly what to do. So from my experience at least it would seem training is provided but not all places read it or for that matter be bothered to learn something new even when it is spoon fed to them.

In the end I suppose Paypoint Is never going to be a high earner for a retailer so it feels like the priority to learn it is quite low. One thing I would say though is that Paypoint customer service has been exceptional when I spoke to them.

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I had to do the print label thing. The interaction was the most uncomfortable thing I don’t ever want to do it again.

After much discussion and awkward sighs from the guy behind the till a label printed that was not sticky and then he had to go find tape so I could fix the label. Then I had to queue again so he could scan it into the system. Awful process.

Hermes have the machine on the side in the shop so you just do it yourself then you hand it to the person behind the till.

Back on topic, went to same shop to pay money into joint account. New person on till had zero idea again as they inserted the card but they at least tried and when I told them they needed to swipe and it worked she said ‘Ah, thank you for that, I’ll try and remember’. Certainly some progress but I’m more forthcoming. If t was my girlfriend she’d have just left it and assumed Monzo was broken.


This will probably be one of the issues with Monzo spending money printing out instruction cards for all 28,000 PayPoints. Will the shops just bin it as junk mail or it get misplaced as it is not a priority for the shops and the card never getting to the sales assistants on the shop front.


maybe more details in app for Monzo customers to know how the facility works , so that they can “instruct” the till operator - I know the Paypoint shop should know how but from the posts some don’t seem to - or simply don’t want to ?