Depositing Cash via Paypoint Doesn't Work

3 times this week I’ve tried to deposit cash onto my Monzo card. 3 times it hasn’t worked.

Local Co-Op - they say in the morning the machine doesn’t work - you have to wait until later. Come back next day - machine is broken, come back tomorrow. Machine doesn’t work the next day either.

Local Paypoint/Cornershop - Sorry - we do not do Monzo. But it says paypoint outside? We. Don’t. Do. Monzo.

I get why you partner with these people. I get why you take £1 for the privilege of putting my own money in my own account. But if you subcontract one of your essential services out to people who really do not care - then what am I supposed to do about it apart from moan about it on a ‘community’ forum? It’s not as if Monzo provide a way to talk to them about it (another ‘Feature’ of Monzo).

I’m sick of it.

I have a Starling account exclusively for paying cash in at the Post Office and the digital cheque imaging, have you considered this?


I’m considering switching over to Starling right this very minute. Free deposits at the Post Office. By post office I mean, local discount cornerstore masquerading as a post office with long queues and rude staff but hey. Free.

At least it might work 50% of the time, all the time.

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It does work. It works every time.

Not sure how this is Monzo’s fault?

The employee is doing it incorrectly/they don’t understand/fobbed you off.

You can use the chat in the app. Search “Contact” in the help section.

But Monzo staff aren’t going to be able to make store employees do their job properly.


The PayPoint connection in Co-op is painful, they were always breaking when i worked there.

I was turned away 3 times. Explain how this is the process ‘working’.

It’s not their fault. It’s their responsibility. My packages don’t get delivered by Amazon staff, yet Amazon are responsible for ensuring it happens.

I did not know about this - which I guess is sort of the point.


I’m a fan of Monzo, but I do think the options for depositing cash and cheques needs to be looked at. I joined Monzo in June 2019, but have kept my original / traditional bank account to deposit cheques and cash into, and then transfer it over to my Monzo account.


My local co-op was the same, the staff including someone from the management team had not herd of Monzo and 3 members of staff tried and did not have a clue how to deposit my money, I just felt I was inconvenience and was holding up the cue at one point until they took me to a separate checkout, I just pay into my Barclays now and transfer over, you would think there would be some staff training on this if they are providing the paypoint service in store.

Machine broken (twice) and staff member not knowing how to work the machine, isn’t something you can blame Monzo for though is it?

Would you blame Monzo if the shop was shut?

Go back to the shop and just ask them to try it and they’ll be pleasantly surprised!

I was turned away loads of times until I changed my approach to how I do it thanks to advice on here.

Now I go to the till and say can i top this up by x amount with Paypoint please. I don’t mention “pay in” or “bank” etc.

I think the Plus card helps as well, having no numbers on the front probably stops most people thinking its a bank card


This still hasn’t changed :rofl: from what OP said about machine being broken twice, the time it takes from logging as issue to it being repaired is highly variable and not often fast. That could be true.

To quote my previous reply in a similar topic, when the systems are fully working it is simple to do.


I’d suggest moving your banking to a bank which better suits your needs.

Like that. Or, alternatively, as long as you don’t want to deposit coins, a bank with an ATM which accepts deposits.


At some point Monzo need to provide a competitive solution rather than this being the answer every time.

Again, this makes it sound like there is some kind of secretive “Open Sesame”-type phrase to do something as simple as putting cash into your account.

For crying out loud Monzo, just go with the Post Office like literally every other competitor of any note.


Misleading title, it does work.

You’ve had a run of bad luck with the places you’ve been.

Not saying it’s perfect, just sharing my experience as I no longer have issues

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I suspect that, as long as people transfer the cash to Monzo after depositing it, Monzo will be quite happy that other banks bear the cost of dealing with the cash (and cheques). The current solution probably works quite well for Monzo.


I know this isnt helpfull ,sorry.
but i do realy belive Monzo just do NOT want or wish to deal with any customer that wants to pay in cash. i mean even if you can find a paypoint and use it sucsefully every time.

you are still stuck with Monzo’s £1000 limit every 180 days


On the half dozen or so times I’ve deposited cash to my Starling account at the Post Office, the money is in my account and I’ve got the notification on my phone before I’ve even stepped away from the counter.


I agree, if you’re a heavy cash (or cheque) user then I’m afraid Monzo probably isn’t the bank for you. Personally, I have only needed to pay in cash once or twice and managed it in my local Tesco with no issues at all. I rarely handle cash (and haven’t really for quite a few years) so it’s not a major issue for me. I get that for those who regularly need to pay in cash the PayPoint solution just isn’t reliable enough.

They are literally the most useless bunch of people…