You can now pay cash into your Monzo account!

(Tom) #314

Hi! So I now have £1- remaining to deposit, but it doesn’t give me a date until I can deposit more?

Without finding my other cash deposits and working it out manually, is there a way to check? I don’t really want to bother Support but would they tell me?

(Dan Mullen) #315

If you pay it in, presumably it immediately disappears as a fee? :thinking:

(Tom) #316

That’s a good point! It said I had £125 left to deposit, so I deposited £125- thinking that includes the fee.

Turns out I could have deposited £126!

(Ben) #317

I wonder when they are going to review the limits??

(Splodf) #318

Only just launched so will be a while yet.


Here is the rocket science behind making a Monzo PayPoint topup, courtesy of @aiimes on twitter who appears to work in a PayPoint store.

PayPoint Shops don’t know how to process cash deposits

So basically they just need to enter the amount as a Bill Payment then swipe the card. As simple as that.

But I can see how till operators could be confused the first time around, as “I want to put this cash into my bank account” doesn’t instinctively make you think to click on Bill Payments unless you’ve done it before or read the guidance.

(Kolok) #321

My friend had cash to pay in on a Saturday night and was moaning about waiting until Monday and then driving to the bank … Until I told him about Monzo.

But it must be very common for money to get paid in via PayPoint and then transferred to another Bank , monzo should try and get stats for this I’m interested.


Just had the same experience in the local Co-op as one of the previous posters - a number of blank looks and having to show the above article to the shop manager to prove I wasn’t bonkers. Didn’t manage to pay in unfortunately as it turns out they should have been swiping rather than shoving the card in the machine. Great feature but I think PayPoint need to do a bit more comms to their vendors.

(Splodf) #323

If you read up a little and send the information to the Monzo they’ll pass it to Paypoint for you.


Awesome, much needed!

(Chinedu Umeh) #325

First experience depositing cash at the local co-op.

The first lady that i encountered had no clue what i was talking about and had to refer to one of her seniors who understood what i was trying to do. Initially she tried to insert the card to do chip and pin, but i gently instructed that the card needs to be swiped otherwise it won’t work. It went through as expected.

I fear that unless i knew how the process was supposed to have been carried out, then today may not have gone as smoothly. As such maybe an update to the section of the app explaining deposit is need just to advice customers that their card needs to be swiped rather than inserted?

What I’d really love in the future is some way to do this without having to carry around your card…perhaps using apple pay/google pay or simply an sort code and account number.

(Jack) #326

It would be great if a barcode could simply be scanned via the Monzo app. Similarly to how you can add gift vouchers to your Amazon account. See below:

This may be less confusing for the cashier and means we can be completely cardless.

I might post a mock-up of this later, if useful?

(Colin Robinson) #327

Maybe add more details to the help to show staff that don’t know how it’s done?


Maybe there should also be a feature to report a bad PayPoint and for there to be real consequences for such screwups? Honestly it’s unacceptable that they can’t figure out such a basic thing even after PayPoint sent out documentation on how to do Monzo deposits.


You can email with the details of the store and the issue

(Jack) #331

It’s great that we can now add cash to our account through PayPoint, but it would be amazing to be able to add cash without having to use the debit card.

My suggestion is to also have a barcode on the depositing cash screen that the cashier can scan, similar to how you can add gift cards to you Amazon account.

This may also reduce the confusion from the PayPoint staff and is one more step towards going wallet-less!

Example Below:

(Jack) #332

Hey @mts,

Hope you don’t mind but I’ve moved your post here to join the other feedback for cash deposits :slight_smile:

(Chinedu Umeh) #333

This would truly be living in the future

(Sam) #334

Might there be issues with people screenshotting the barcode and hence adding cash to other people’s accounts? I’m guessing that has anti-money laundering ramifications :frowning: