PayPoint Shops don’t know how to process cash deposits

I’m guessing that wasn’t head office they phoned :wink::laughing:

Either way it’s still an issue :blush:

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Is there any reason their head office would know either? No one knows you can pay cash in to a bank with paypoint never mind how to do it.

You’re right, absolutely no one. Not one person has managed to pay money in. All of us who did are sharing the same hallucination


I think this thread is a testament to the fact that paypoint is atrocious when it comes to this feature. And you know quite well I don’t literally mean everyone.

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Ah, got it. From now on I will assume your posts are hyperbole as you’ve just advised.


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What a way to talk to people. You represent monzo well.

You’re confusing me now. One minute you say not to take your posts literally and then when I agree with you suddenly that’s bad?

I’m out

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I’ve had this at a couple of locations. Just tell them to swipe it instead of entering the card into their terminal and it should pop up with the amount to add to the card.

Amazes me why people “need training” to use basic UI systems. Surely it’s not that difficult to work out.

Hello, I am brand new to this community and, as a retailer with a Paypoint machine, was searching for something else Paypoint related when I came across this thread. As “luck” would have it, I received “training” on how to process Monzo cash deposits just yesterday!

To explain, the training consists of 4 bullet points, a total of 32 words, on a composite email from Paypoint discussing other matters. This is pretty much how all training is delivered. As is normal for my shop, I have printed out the email and it will be given to each of my 7 part time staff to read, initial that they have done so and it gets filed with other Paypoint instructions. The staff will have read the 4 bullet points, they are now trained, yes? Six months down the line you, as someone wanting to deposit cash, come in and get served by one of my part timers who has never yet seen a Monzo card, she has totally forgotten ever reading those 4 bulletin points, can’t find the appropriate email, is flustered because the queue is getting agitated and rather than make an error she says we don’t appear to have that facility. As a customer, that is not your problem, it is my problem but I’m not in the shop for another 3 days so you can see how a situation can arise.

I want people to leave my shop pleased or at least satisfied that they were able to conduct their business appropriately but I know that is not always the case. A number of posts back comments were made along the lines “you have a Paypoint machine, you should be able to do it”. That is not strictly true for all machines. I do not have the Collect+ facility nor the congestion charge facility in my store. The fact the machine is there does not mean all facilites can be accessed. However I imagine a Monzo transaction will be easy enough.

As coincidence would have it, I needed an additional bank account and was put off by the hoop jumping required by banks where I have been a customer for decades (years ago I was a bank manager and did not qualify to open one of my employers accounts because I did not have suitable ID at the time!) so this training email alerted me to Monzo and within the space of a few hours my account was set up and I had transferred funds to it. I’m looking forward to receiving my card to see just how to deposit cash through my Paypoint machine. It’s likely to be the one and only time but I like to be prepared. :smiley:


No matter how brilliant the UI is, it’s always the designers fault when someone can’t bloody work it out :joy::disappointed:

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Thanks for contributing. As a retailer with a PayPoint machine, do you think it is financially (or otherwise) worth your while to be accepting Monzo deposits via PayPoint?

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That’s a moot point as I’m not likely to see enough Monzo customers to make a judgment but I’ve always said in the past that costs outweigh anything that can be received in commissions. It’s not just Paypoint charges but those of the card reader supplier (won’t be applicable to Monzo customers), bank charges, broadband, fees for keeping within legal frameworks etc…

I have considered removing the system but . . I’m offering a service and we are open longer than other shops in our very small rural town. I hope I build enough of a relationship with most Paypoint users that they will return to buy items and their family will come in to buy items too.

Apologies, this was in response to o99. I thought I quoted but appear to not have done.


Hi @Jeeps

Welcome to the community and thank you for your in depth answers showing us inside the machine, so to speak

Hope you will be able to stick around both Monzo and the forum to provide your insight

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As a retailer of the PayPoint service, I wondered if you’d be able to help me with my question.

I attempted to deposit cash today and after indicating that the card needed to be swiped that was attempted but the cashier told me (this was at a Co-op) that it was registering as a ”sale” rather than a ”deposit”. Is this normal language for the system? The last thing I wanted to do was remove a chunk of cash out of my account in the process of trying to add it so asked them to just cancel it and I would check it out before heading back.

No worries if you’re not sure, but if anybody reading this can tell me if that is what the cashier should be expecting to see I’d happily point it out to them during the transaction.

Thanks in advance.

The simple answer is I don’t know but it sounds reasonable to me. Some of the jargon used on one side of the counter can be the opposite of what’s expected on the other. However, my Monzo card has arrived and I’ll give it a try tomorrow night when I’m next in the shop to see what’s needed to process a transaction. I’m interested to find out for myself and also with a view to training the staff. I’ll come back and let you know how it goes.


In co-op once till operator has pressed paypoint button and swiped card, they select or type amount. It then shows as any other item sale on screen simply as “Monzo”. The word deposit doesn’t appear on screen, paypoint receipt after payment will confirm it’s done and will be available in 10 minutes.

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Well I have deposited funds and, as DanF508 described above, it is that simple!

As has been said before, all the shop assistant has to do is swipe the card, in my case I didn’t click the Paypoint button, I just swiped from the sales screen. The next screen said “enter amount, sale, max £300”. At this point the amount to be deposited is typed in by the shop assistant. It will say it’s a sale on the shop side as money is being added to the till but it IS a deposit to Monzo as far as the account holder is concerned. On entering the amount the shop is taken back to the sales screen where more things can be added to the basket if required - purchases etc. Then the shop checks out the ‘sale’, takes the deposit from the customer and the receipt for the full amount is handed over. The whole transaction probably took 30 seconds and is so easy my pre-school grandchildren could have done it.

I have the new PaypointOne system but I expect the process is similar with the old yellow terminals. If the cards don’t swipe I imagine the shop typing in the 16 digit number from the front of the card and pressing enter would give the same result.

The amount I deposited, less the £1 admin fee, was in my account within 10 minutes as the receipt said.


Just been to a OneStop in Hoyland Barnsley and the cashier there had the cash processed in 2minutes flat, even though he said that they had only done 1 other before, so some stores do know how to do these transactions :slight_smile:

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@Adamski4 It’s my understanding that on the shopkeeper’s end the process of depositing money is the same as loading funds on to a prepayment gas/electric card.

So it may be a good idea to simply pass the card over with the money and ask, “Can you put £x on this, please?”

Edit: Reason being, I believe a lot of shopkeepers are unaware of making cash deposits into bank accounts. So they’re confused when people ask to make “a deposit”.


It’s happened to me also ages ago in a BP petrol station with a queue behind me, I gave up I only wanted to test the system. In the end I succeeded by basically calling Monzo handed the phone over and getting them to talk to the assistant through. Without the help of Monzo I would’ve completely gave up