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I think the operator on here said it wasn’t worth their time doing it, and it didn’t bring in any meaningful custom.


I found one of the comments I was referring too:


Yes you found it. Well done. I was searching badly, to no avail. The key points I remembered above come from here:

I’ve commented before, whilst I commend Monzo’s ethical choices elsewhere, its outsourcing of handling cash to a company which effectively forces a loss on business owners is plain wrong, and should be reviewed.

I don’t blame business owners for refusing to serve some people only wanting PayPoint access, and it reflects badly on Monzo, so I guess Monzo gets what it deserves.


If you want to make cash deposits your better off using chain stores like the co op. (the only chain to my knowledge that has paypoint in all their stores)

The main reason is staff are just going to do it as they are not aware it will cause them to loose money and it’s not a small business.

Now we know this it makes sense why stores where turning down lets say £100 cash deposits.

My local village store is payzone and also has a payzone card machine. (it’s the same machine)

Working around the merchants’ unwillingness to process PayPoint deposits doesn’t solve the root cause of the problem which is that PayPoint is nasty and doesn’t compensate merchants fairly.


why don’t paypoint pass on lets so 85p of the £1 fee

It legit is unfair them getting 7p for a transaction thats going to cost them 70p

I’ve done it in one small store but they had a ATM which I’m guessing they use to get rid of the cash without fees.

The fee goes to Monzo to cover their costs, not to PayPoint as far as I know.

But isn’t that cost just to paypoint where they charge monzo for the service.

Hopefully monzo plus has free cash deposits for the odd time I need to make them.

No, it’s a Monzo deduction. PayPoint costs are (presumably) paid by Monzo as part of the contract between them.

Ultimately, some of the £1 obviously is going to PayPoint but it goes via Monzo, not directly from the customer.

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Ah ok, i’m guessing the £1 is a average cost per deposit

Sounds fair as cash is not really used that much by monzos main target audience

I can avoid monzo cash deposits so i’m not too bothered (spend the cash or pay it into my starling)
People paying me back in cash.

Yeah I honestly don’t think PayPoint is an appropriate solution for cash payments in.

I tried three stores near me all refuse to take a debit transaction:

More I look into it though it seems that PayPoint is not a useful vehicle for stores - they seem to have really long contracts (5 years) and generally when you factor in the costs of processing cash it doesn’t become profitable.

So I’m not surprised.

I’m lucky in that I’ve only ever needed to deal with it once in the last 12 months, but if I did need more access to cash payments in I’d not use Monzo.


If I needed to, I would go in and pay in cash. I really don’t think I’d be likely to browse or buy anything. Especially as they tend to be small corner shops