PayPoint logo on reverse of card

Have Monzo thought about adding the PayPoint logo onto the back of the card?

I was refused a top up at my local petrol station (PayPoint) as they said they can’t top up bank cards from here. Despite me telling them it works on the PayPoint, where to swipe the card etc. He still outright refused to do it.

Maybe having PayPoint logo on the reverse of the card would help to show that the card can be topped up in this manner?

It sounds like you met a very stubborn shopkeeper.

It would have taken them 2 seconds to just swipe your card to try it, but he wasn’t even prepared to do that. I therefore can’t see how he would have changed his stance if there was a logo on the back or not :man_shrugging:

It’s their loss at the end of the day, but it sounds like they have a different reason for not wanting to accept cash deposits.

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You can report the merchant to paypoint and they’ll investigate

That’s a good idea. Perhaps with the wording ‘SWIPE CARD’

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It does assume that the PayPoint deal will continue for the life of any new card issued, however, so seeing it there could be a negative to some customers.


Also, if it does change then :monzo: would need to reissue 4 million new cards?


No, other banks didn’t reissue their debit cards when the cheque guarantee function ceased to exist. Normally these just get phased out as part of the lifecycle of the card.


Thanks Dave I didn’t think about that. Have reported the issue to paypoint

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No problem I guess it’s in their best interest to make sure the retailers using the terminals are offering all the services and not turning people away.

I’ve not had this issue yet but in the few instances I’ve had to put cash in I’ve been to Asda with the hope they know what they’re doing, so far so good

As has been explained on this forum before, by a shopkeeper providing this service, it’s not always in the interest of the shopkeeper to accept this transaction, as it can be loss making to the business.

And shopkeepers are able to refuse to serve anyone they please, so I can’t see how PayPoint can force any shopkeeper to take Monzo deposits.

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It’s no doubt in the terms and conditions of having the terminal, so if paypoint say that a location offers the service and then it gets refused they can go down the route of speaking to that retailer, would suspect after a certain number of refusals paypoint could terminate the contract with that retailer and remove the terminal.

I’ve not actually read the T&C’s though so could be wrong

I’m sure the shopkeeper who explained their situation (they inherited the machine when they bought the business) would’ve been thankful for the terminal to be removed. Having it was more hassle than it was, literally, worth, and often resulted in customers demanding they process transactions (like paying into Monzo) which effectively forced the business to make a loss for doing so.

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Monzo should really look into making cash deposits at the Post Office available sooner.

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Use some of that cash they got to reissue all the cards :rofl:

Sooner than what?


I read Monzo were in discussions with the PO…

Nothing has been confirmed either way. If you want more detail, there’s a topic on this already so we don’t derail this one :slight_smile:

I’m not someone asked to elaborate, redirect this message to them.

Do PayPoint transactions make a loss to the business? I’ve always thought they get a small kickback off the transaction fee.

they can do, it’s been discussed in other threads on the issue, it’s to do with business banking and cash deposit fees.