PayPal withdrawals

Why do all of my PayPal withdrawls to Monzo have to go through an extended check of 72 hours? Never used to happen with Nationwide.

I have to wait days for the money to appear rather than minutes.

That only happened to me the first time, and that was only a 24 hour check.

Is it a business or personal/premier account? On my business account all withdrawals had to be approved, it was a pain.


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Thanks Liam.

It’s a personal account, every single withdrawal needs assessing by PayPal.

Up to 72 hours :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’ve withdrew from a PayPal personal account and it only takes minutes so that is very unusual

That is more to do with your PayPal account than Monzo. Mine are the same day, generally faster payments timescales.



I’ve withdrawn some money a few days ago and it was in my Monzo account within minutes. But like someone said I think it all depends on Paypal. They might decide to carry out checks in which case it will be delayed.

If it’s any use, Paypal still consider Monzo cards to be credit cards, because they see all Mastercards as credit (I know, we’re in 2018, people) so they probably have to go through an extended check process as people don’t typically withdraw funds to a credit card, rather a bank account.

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My first 3 withdrawals to monzo took 72 hours, but then after that they’ve been instant.

You don’t withdraw to a card in PayPal, you withdraw to bank account. The cards and bank accounts in your PayPal account aren’t linked (case in point, you can use the debit card associated with your bank account as a backup when paying with the bank account).


Mine has always been instant… not sure what the explanation could be here?

My first one took around 3 days, but after that they’ve been instant.

Gone through 3 so far that have all been flagged for the 72-hour delay, hopefully, the next few go through properly! It’s easy to see that paypal are using faster payments as well because, I usually get an email on day 3 saying “yup, all done” at the same time I get my monzo notification.

I also just had the 72 hour PayPal delay (after a 7 day “pending” flag on the payment into my PayPal account!) So that was a total of 10 days between the buyer paying me and me getting the money.

PayPal love to hold money for as long as possible and they’ll find any excuse. Apparently the reason for my delay was that it was an unusual transaction (“unusual” because I hadn’t used PayPal for a whole three months!) and that my bank account was new (I added Monzo to my PayPal account one month before the attempted withdrawal).

I only use PayPal for eBay sales now - and that’s only because eBay forces me to accept PayPal.

i’ve noticed for small amounts (less than £10) its instant. for anything over £100 and its takes longer.

Bare in mind i use PayPal at least once a week.

Hey all, can I get some updated feedback from people?

I recently added my Monzo bank account to my PayPal account, and the first withdrawal took around 72 hours.

I’ve just asked for another withdrawal, which said it would be up to 2 hours, but that was 5 hours ago.

Previous banks have always been instant.

Anyone having the same issue?

I’ve had to wait over 2 hours for a withdrawal to come through to Halifax, I think PayPal is just a bit rubbish when it comes to this.

Mine do this also - answer… I try to avoid paypal where I can

Yeah, I’m not a fan of PayPal - I used to withdraw it quite regularly to Starling though, and that was extremely instant.

Same with my FD account.

I’ve made 12 withdrawals to Monzo over the past three months varying between under £10 to over £100 and they’ve all been instant.

I sold something on eBay last week and got payment via PayPal. I transferred that to Barclays on Sunday night, it was instant.