Paypal Withdrawal to Monzo

I have previously used my Monzo account to take withdrawals from Paypal, however, when trying to do this today Paypal would not let me choose my Monzo to withdraw to. There is now a note to say Paypal will not let transfers happen to online only banks. Anything on Monzo addressing this?

Start an in app chat to make them aware of the problem

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Say what? That sounds very wrong.

I’ve just withdrawn from Paypal fine…

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I ended up withdrawing to partners account who then sent over to Monzo.

I’m going to transfer in a small amount to Paypal and get a screenshot of the ‘online only’ account if this happens again when attempting withdrawal.

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it appears that this was a one-time issue and a PayPal error. Test payment and withdrawal all went through. Phew.


Maybe it’s only for amounts above a certain threshold ? Still not good

Trying to withdraw also and it says “right now we are not able to complete this transaction”

If PayPal have issues at the minute there’s nothing anyone here can do to solve them I’m afraid.

PayPal are giving you the error so speak to PayPal.

I’ve always withdrawn to Monzo. Infact I do it weekly if not daily.

Sorted, my monzo direct debit had an issue…

Can you going to tell us what that was and why it stopped withdrawals?

When you link monzo bank acc to paypal it creates a direct debit so you authorise PayPal withdrawing from your acc right? So, for some forgotten reason I had cancel that , I had to go to PayPal and confirm the bank acc again and voila, now I just need to wait for the magic to happen… (I hope it will happen :crazy_face:)


Ah! I thought you were trying to withdraw money from PayPal like the first poster in the thread!

That makes much more sense now.

I personally don’t set this up; I only link for bank transfers from PayPal and use cards for payments. Far too many complaints about PayPal and seemingly shady behaviour to give them unfettered bank access, regardless of the Direct Debit Guarantee.

Had a DD on my account for at least the last 5 years never had a single issue with payments, if I could be bothered I’d go look to see what these problems are but I’m too lazy :rofl:

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