Paypal Payment - Not Left Account

I made a payment via Paypal and it left Paypal and was succesful, however it didnt leave Monzo. It still shows in my balance and no transaction is generated.

I paid with my bank, rather than the card, it says ****[account number] - rather than paying with the card attached.

Im not sure how it works, will the payment just be taking its time, how could I have paid via bank rather than card, I am not sure how that works?

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Paypal can be strange. If I pay someone via Paypal, with my linked Monzo account as the payment source, it can take up to 7 days for my Monzo account to be debited - even though the recipient has received my payment instantly via Paypal.

It’s a waiting game of unknown duration, unfortunately (but in my experience you don’t have to wait more than a week)


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I’ve had this happen to me too. If you pay by bank there is a delay, if you pay by debit card it’s instant. I don’t know why but it’s very annoying, so much so that I removed my ‘bank’ as a payment option so I wouldn’t get caught out again!

In Paypal you have a ‘preferred payment’ option, so it’s maybe set to the bank account, rather than the debit card, maybe check there.

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Do you have a PayPal direct debit set up on your account?

If you’ve selected to pay via your account, then I believe Paypal take the money from your PayPal account, and then collect this via direct debit from your bank account a few days later.

I pay Spotify via PayPal and get the PayPal notification ~3 working days before the direct debit is paid from my monzo :slight_smile:

Hope that clears things up, but if you’re at all unsure, just pop us a message in chat!

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If you paid via PayPal using your Monzo account instead of your card then it’ll make a Direct Debit from your account which can take a few days.

Note that merchants see this (I believe PayPal calls these payments “e-cheques” on the merchant side) and may delay sending of your items until the payment actually clears so I suggest that in the future you add your card to PayPal and use that to pay.

This isn’t true anymore. The e-cheque system is how it used to work but if PayPal allows you to select your bank account to pay a merchant it’ll be an instant payment based on risk assessment. Nowadays if the risk is high it’ll only let you select your card for payment.

E-cheques used to be the way to go on PayPal but it was terribly slow.

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E cheques still happening. In paid on eBay and now have to wait 6-7 days for it to be cleared.

Did you have any balance on PayPal? Maybe it used that or even another payment method on there. Normally for me, infact every single time Monzo goes through before PayPal even confirms the payment

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