PayPal withdrawals

I withdrew from Paypal earlier, i received my Monzo notification instantly, which was about 15 mins before Paypal even emailed me my receipt!!!

Can’t fault the speed at all!

Guess who just had pretty good customer service from PayPal?? I’m in shock.

After calling their CS number, I was given the option to receive a call back (which I used).

I was querying a couple of payments I didn’t recognise (all fine it turns out).

But I used the opportunity to ask about the recent 72 hour hold for all withdrawals (3), since switching to Monzo.

He said he couldn’t see anything obvious, apart from I was logging in to PayPal from different places (Mac and iPhone) - Given the iPhone didn’t have location services turned on, it “looked” like I was in different places, which meant PayPal automatically looked into the withdrawals further… Hence the 72 hours.

To my knowledge, I’ve never had location services turned on, and with the same phone/app, I could withdraw to my FD account instantly.

So the fact I added both Starling and Monzo in a short space of time, coupled with the lack of location services on the PayPal app, has meant each withdrawal has been held.

I’ve now turned the location service on, so will see what it’s like next time I need to withdraw!

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Here’s one for you, I added my Monzo account to my PayPal a few weeks ago. Over the last week I’ve used eBay to sell a couple of items.

The first item sold for £360, once PayPal took the hold off I transferred it to my monzo account, it said it could take up to 72 hours but was instant.

Second item sold yesterday, transferred the money across, for the same message about the 72 hours and thought nothing of it as it went straight away last time, but still waiting!!