PayPal Withdrawal

(Yusuf Yearwood) #1

I sent an amount of money from my PayPal account and its still pending. I know they have the right details because of the test ping from PayPal when I set it up. I know it’s not a PayPal problem as I did a test payment from my bricks and mortar bank and it arrived instantly.

(Rika Raybould) #2


You might find this thread useful. It sounds like PayPal may delay payments to newly added bank accounts. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Yusuf Yearwood) #3

Thanks, I’ll take a look.

(Michael) #4

My first payment to Starling Bank took 24hrs, once the payment came in, further transactions were instant. I think it’s because you have added a new bank.

(Hugh) #5

Yeah, probably fraud checks.

(Simon Porter) #6

I also discovered withdrawing while abroad can add a massive delay. Not fun when the girlfriend has just sent £200 across to spend.


Get a PayPal Access Mastercard Debit card and you can then just use that card to spend the money in your PayPal account

(Hugh) #8

True, but that isn’t great if you want all your transactions in your Monzo feed :confused:

Incidentally, what’s the foreign exchange rate like on those?


Never paid any attention to the exchange rate as normally use a regular bank card and just use the PayPal debit card if I want to access cash quicker than the usual PayPal withdraw to bank method