Withdrawals from PayPal

Withdrawing from paypal to my last bank account used to take seconds to appear. PayPal to Monzo CA says 3-4 days. Why is that?

Have you tried it? I doubt that PayPal use Faster Payments to make the withdrawal (so I’ve renamed your topic accordingly). But the FPS transfers that I’ve made to my Monzo account from another bank have arrived instantly so there doesn’t appear to be any delay on Monzo’s side..

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Because it takes 3-4 days. It’s not going to be a faster payment. It’ll be the standard method of payment which takes ~3-4 days to be processed.

EDIT: Apparently I’m wrong and PayPal do Faster Payments.

I’ve made several withdrawals from PayPal to my Monzo account and its taken 1-2 seconds to get the notification.


When I was sending PayPal payment to my current bank it took seconds. Sending it to a Monzo I have a notification in PayPal that it will take 3-5 days. I’ve always experienced faster payments so was surprised it is now taking so long.

They (PayPal) are curently sending many withdrawal requests for further validation so they send it to a ‘pending’ pool and then release. It is usually instant. Click the transaction and see if it says pending, assume you have verified the account with them too?

Have verified account and yes it says pending.

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Payment now gone through :slight_smile:


PayPal do use Faster Payments by default. If your money is held up, it is held up by PayPal fraud checks then when it is released it is sent by FPS to your bank account.

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Yes that happened. I think it was because I changed the default bank account to Monzo, so when I made the first withdrawal from PayPal to Monzo it was held as pending. It then went through quickly after that.

Thanks for the feedback and comments on this!

More than likely, you’ve just added your Monzo CA, and as this is a payment to a new account, it will fall within their AML / Fraud investigation guidelines. They do offer faster payments, but are required buy law to conduct due diligence on some payments. Sounds like yours could have been captured by this.

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Where you using your wifi connection when you made the withdrawal request?
I find that if I withdraw money when I am on private wifi it goes on instantly but if I am on 4G it will take 24 to 48hours.

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Paypal Often change the withdrawal payout times, they always send with faster-payment but often they wait 24-48 hours before processing it.

It was pending due to a new account. All sorted now thanks.

I’m having this issue at the moment myself. Transactions are taking 24hours to withdraw into my Monzo account. My account is verified and set up correctly. Any other cars I withdraw too are pretty much instant.

It will be fraud checks. Just be patient - once they work out you aren’t a criminal mastermind they will become instant!

I was having a little trouble with this.
I made 3 payments over the weekend with PayPal, using the current account as the source.
These haven’t shown up yet (3 days ago) - not too bothered as it’s not my main account.
However, today I made another payment via PayPal, using the Monzo Debit card as the source and it appeared almost instantly.

When the payments are sourced via the bank account, these come out via Direct Debit which can take up to 3 working days after your payment was made.

If you prefer to keep on top of your money instantly, I’d recommend selecting your debit card as the funding source. By doing it this way, you also get merchant names on the transaction, instead of “PAYPAL PAYMENT” with the direct debit.


I’ve had a PayPal verified business account for years, I’ve used Monzo since beta and never had any issues until switching to a full account. Everything has been verified again, and is ticked/green. Every withdrawal now heads to pending for a few days, PayPal said this wasn’t their issue although I suspect it is! This happens if I choose withdraw to bank account. I’ve also got my debit card in PayPal though, if I use that as a withdrawal method, it is instant when done from the app but still goes to pending if I use their website. Admittedly I’ve not had enough transactions to fully test this theory but that’s how it looks.

I’ve never had an instant withdrawal with my business account. I’m a sole trader, so I’ve taken to transferring it to my personal PayPal and withdrawing it from that- then it’s instant.

It’s almost certainly PayPal being annoying :slight_smile: