PayPal feed item, not shown as PayPal

When I pay for something via PayPal, and PayPal take the payment from Monzo, in Monzo transaction feed it shows as the company I actually paid with no obvious reference to PayPal. I like the fact it doesn’t just say PayPal, but it confused me as it thought I had paid twice.

It would be good to maybe make the icon have a mini PayPal overlay in a corner or maybe auto populate the notes field with PayPal. Just so at a glance I can see that’s how I paid.



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Hello :wave:

Paypal payments should show up as a Paypal through the Direct Debit Instruction on your account - can you get in touch via the app or so we can look into this for you.

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There’s been some previous discussion on this, during which RichardR did a mockup in his pre-Monzo life

and Hugo approved!

But nothing since. :frowning_face:


This is exactly what I was thinking and looks good to me.

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This might be via the card payment rather than a DD

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Good idea about the overlay, but it does say PayPal right at the bottom

Yep, tucked out of sight :slight_smile:

This will be via a card linked to PayPal, not DD


Great feedback - hope we can implement something like this :grinning:


Hi All,

New to the community, but by no means new to Monzo… Apologies if this has already been suggested, but bear with me.

When I check my feed i have a load of one time payments for merchants like a1b2c3 and i have to delve into them to figure out it was a PayPal from some rubbish I bought on ebay; what I think would be great is to insert a preceding “PayPal:” to the name e.g. “PayPal: a1b2c3” and then use the PayPal logo in the feed for everything starting PayPal: and then that would save having to request a PayPal logo to be set for each transaction on the feed.

Just my 2 cents…

What are other peoples thoughts on this?

you can have merchant logos as usual but have a logo in the corner for PayPal or Curve etc in the same way that the number or investor rocket flair appears here in the Discourse community

Yea i that would work for merchants, but the idea of just assigning PayPal logo as the sole/core icon (to me at least) is that it “beautifies” the feed for PayPal transactions that are not from merchants with Twitter icons to underlay the logo in the corner.

I admit the logo in the corner looks nice, but i feel it might look a tad out of place if there isn’t a main retailers icon.


Interesting. Ye olde banks list these transactions as “PAYPAL…” with all the vendors guff coming in after the PayPal. It sounds like Monzo is maybe cleaning the transaction description?

For card payments anyway. For Direct Debit you just get PayPal of course which is where the annoyance of not being able to tag DD’s comes in.

I have the exact same feelings about this and I have a workaround (it’s not perfect but it does help tidy things up). If I’m using Paypal for well known retailer I’ll select my card as the payment method and the merchant’s logo and name will display in my Monzo feed. If I’m buying from an eBay seller or lesser known retailer using Paypal then I’ll select my bank account as the payment method and the Paypal logo and name will display in my Monzo feed.

It has a drawback of taking a day or two for the payment to process, but the end result is tidier. For me this is worth the tradeoff until a more permanent solution is built.

Posting this Idea here to save starting a new thread, I have been thinking about the way PayPal transactions appear, and think it would be a good idea/nice touch if Monzo could use some form of PayPal API to pull a Merchants PayPal Display Name so that a transaction has the same entry in your PayPal and Monzo Apps…

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