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I use Paypal a lot from my Monzo account but I’ve noticed that I don’t get instant notifications and it can take days to show up. I like keeping a close eye on my money which is why I love Monzo so much but this is throwing my out of whack a little. Is there no way this can be improved, surely Paypal auth the transaction?

It depends if your paying by direct debit with paypal it won’t show up straight away as it take a few days to debit your account. I know this as I have DD payments set up as default on my paypal account. if paying by card on paypal it will come up immediately on notifications. You can change the way your default payments are taken on paypal.


Thanks, I’ll do that! Question, do I need the DD set up to receive cash or if I cancel the DD will it still work OK ?

I should probably be asking Paypal this… :slight_smile:

Yes you do to take money out.

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Thanks - I’ll keep the direct debit but pay using the card in future. Thanks again!

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I’ve noticed this - I’ve a direct debit set up with PayPal to pay for a laptop with PayPal credit.

The DD was set up to come out yesterday (19th November) and on PayPal it’s showing as completed and the amount has been deducted from the outstanding balance on PayPal.

But… it’s not showing up on my Monzo feed as having been taken. is this a PayPal-specific quirk? I was under the impression that DDs were immediate and show up on your account statement the day they’re completed.

All of the companies I deal with tend to show the DD as collected on the day they make the request even when the money isn’t actually going to be taken for another couple of days. So, there might be nothing wrong here but given that it was due yesterday, it might be worth contacting support to see if any money has actually been requested.

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I had exactly the same this this morning. I paid for something with Paypal and the DD instruction has even yet to be requested. I have many DDs set up on my Monzo account so I know how dated this system is.

I used to use Paypal a lot to track my spending and have those instant notifications, but with Monzo and things like GPay in my browser and Apple Pay on my phone, it makes me wonder what the point of using Paypal anymore is :thinking:

if you pay by card with Paypal the notification will be instant. If you pay by DD it will come out in a few days like any normal direct debit so you won’t get an instant notification.

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Worth checking if you’re paying instantly via PayPal or have “pay on delivery” selected. Which can delay the payment for up to a few weeks.

Note that when paying PayPal via direct debit, they will show the payment as an “E-cheque” to the merchant which can take 10 days to “clear” (by that time your direct debit will be collected). As a result most merchants won’t actually ship your goods until (and if) the payment clears.

When paying make sure you select your Monzo card and not account for the payment to be instant (if you don’t have the card option then you most likely haven’t added your card to your account, so I’d recommend doing that).

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