PayPal Integration

Its just an idea, I had thought of quickly running up a POC this weekend, but I’m already halfway through another personal project so am unlikely to get to this for a couple of months.

Sometimes I pay via PayPal, it is often more convenient and quicker. However I don’t like this as it doesn’t get correctly categorised in my Monzo transaction feed. It would be really cool if we could match PayPal transactions on Monzo, to transactions in PayPal and add the necessary metadata (maybe with an extra field in the JSON for "payment method": "Paypal".

I’m a firm believer that the biggest easy wins for Monzo in the next 12 months adding meta data to transactions through third party integrations like Paypal. I think this would be a great start.

BONUS POINTS: If you can pull in invoices from Paypal and attach them to transactions, that’d be a major win, esp. for expenses.


When I buy things on PayPal, I use my card and it comes through correctly as the merchant info is included alongside the “PayPal” name.

I am assuming you’ve added your Monzo account to PayPal directly, which means stuff bought through PayPal gets processed through a Direct Debit instruction. In this case, the merchant is just “PayPal”.

I deleted my bank account off PayPal and only have my card as a payment method now for this very reason :slight_smile: