All PayPal payments show as PayPal with the PayPal logo


I buy a lot of things through PayPal and for some reason all payments I make, card or direct debit, are showing as “PayPal” with the PayPal logo. This is a nightmare because I use PayPal for every other purchase!!

This is that it used to look like:

It now looks like this:

Is this a bug or a permanent change?

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Permanent I think as this was part of their “cleaning up” merchant transactions/DD’s

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Personally I prefer it that way. The merchant name should still be there in the transaction details if you scroll down on the transaction detail view.

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I’m the absolute opposite, I would much rather have the merchant name as the main heading in the feed. Knowing that I used PayPal to pay is absolutely meaningless to me, it’d be like payments made using Android Pay only showing as “Android Pay” in the feed.


That’s a shame, I buy loads on eBay and elsewhere, pay with debit card through PayPal without a PayPal account and, because it’s processed with PayPal, it now is showing as PayPal. I can’t see the history in PayPal because I don’t have a PayPal account.

The day it changed: :frowning_face:

It should be optional…

@daniel.cannon may be able to shed more light on this?

It would be best to have merchant logos with a small PayPal logo overlaid in the corner similar to how Monzo staff have the Monzo logo over their photo here on the community


That would be perfect!

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And they could have merchant logos with a small Curve logo on when using the Curve card.


@Naz @HughWells I think this may come under your remit.

I’ve just had this same problem for the first time where I’ve bought coach tickets through Paypal. Before today, the transaction would show up in my feed as Megabus with the correct categorisation as “transportation” spending. However, today my Megabus transaction showed up in my feed as a Paypal transaction without automatic categorisation as transport spending. I now have to remember to manually categorise Paypal purchases I make which is a backward step for your spending analytics feature.

Can Monzo acknowledge this & flag it to the developers?

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I had this happen today too, I also hope it’s not permanent as I much prefer having the merchant shown rather than PayPal (although I suppose I can see how if lots of PayPal merchants don’t have logos maybe it’s preferable for it to show as PayPal instead?)

^For me this sounds like an ideal solution if it could be implemented.

It would be good to know for sure whether this is a permanent change or not, I did message in-app support about it and they told me to submit the correct merchant info so it could be fixed, so we’ll wait and see if it changes or not

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To me, having all the payments being labelled as “To Paypal” makes the same amount of sense of having payments labelled “To Stripe” or “To WorldPay” etc. The payment processor shouldn’t matter to us (i.e. show us “who” we paid not how we paid), although it would be handy to see the appropriate mini-logo and a “Paid via Paypal” text in the transaction screen.



Update: I also got in touch with in-app support who resolved my issue. He gave a longer explanation of what went wrong which I can’t fit into one screenshot but it basically it shouldn’t be permanent.

Hmm, that’s odd, I wonder why it’s started happening for items which used to be fine?

Someone made a mistake :wink:


Same mistake I was promised by the complaints team measures had been put in to avoid? :confused:

I’m confused. Chris’s post saying that this is a permanent change is marked as the solution, but Hugh said that transactions processed by PayPal were only labelled as PayPal instead of the merchant by mistake. So what is the expected behaviour for transactions

  1. Processed by PayPal
  2. Paid by logging into a PayPal account but using Monzo as a finding source?



image Screenshot (above) taken on Friday after customer op resolved my issue.
image Screenshot (above) taken today.

I spoke too soon as whatever the Customer opp did to tweak the name/logo back to Megabus has since reverted back to Paypal a day later. I’ve submitted an improve name/logo ticket but this needs a permanent resolution as users can’t have to manually submit tickets for all Paypal purchases.

I echo calls for some clarity on this ‘systematic error’.


I’m also confused, you’re paying by PayPal but complaining when the thing you paid for with PayPal shows you paid by PayPal…

You can’t just put a note with company name? Sure it will take 10 seconds but it would solve a perceived problem until there’s a fix. If there’s going to be a fix

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A lot of sites only have PayPal.
Monzo has always (for the year I’ve used it) put the merchant name and picture with PayPal in the detailed view screen when you pay with PayPal.
For some reason it’s now different …
This mistake is still happening to me :frowning:

It’s like putting a picture of a card and saying “MasterCard” if you paid by card or waves with “Contactless” if you’ve used Contactless.
It’s not useful to know how you paid but rather where. I leave in the notes what I bought, putting the merchant name in there gives me much less space …

This change is really annoying :frowning: