My first Paypal transaction with mondo made me 😀

So just had my first Paypal payment go out via my mondo card. And in my app it didn’t come up as a Paypal transaction. It came up as the actual name of the actual merchant… and I absolutely :heart: it!!

With my pre-historic bank I’m so used to just seeing a never ending list of entries with “PAYPAL **xxx…” and the actual name cut off so I never have any idea what they’re for. Looks like mondo has changed all that. It’s the small touches like that which are really going to differentiate mondo from the established banks. Great job you guys! :smile:. Of course now you’re going to get even more of those merchant details and logo updates from me!

As a side note I spent a lot of time the other night hunting down all my recurring Paypal subscriptions and re-routing them directly to my mondo card. Guess I needn’t have bothered after all!


That is soooo cool. Love Mondo X