PayPal: Should I add Monzo as a bank account or with the debit card?

Hi all,

I have setup a PayPal account for the first time and I was wondering whether or not I should add Monzo as a bank account to my account or should I add the card details instead. I don’t know what difference this would make or if it matters at all?

I hope someone can explain this to me!

If you add as a debit card, you will get instant notifications through Monzo. Adding as a bank allows you to withdraw funds directly to your account, and will setup a direct debit so funds aren’t taken instantly.


I’ve personally got it down as both a debit card and a bank to give me the option of paying immediately or delaying a couple of days


You should be able to do both. I don’t know if it is the same now, but it used to be that you got a different level of PayPal account if you had a confirmed bank account with them.

If you have both you can still choose which you want to use.


I also set mine up as a bank as if someone somehow pays you via paypal that’s the only method you can use to withdraw the money.

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I added both, using bank account for subscriptions and such, with the card for non-GBP purchases. :+1:


Is there a difference in how PayPal transactions appear in Monzo feed depending on whether you use bank account or card?

I’ve only recently started using Monzo with PayPal (via bank account connection) and am noticing the Merchant is always given as PayPal in my Monzo feed. I’d prefer to see information about the merchant I am paying via PayPal.

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My understanding is that if you set it up with the method you have mentioned this isn’t possible as technically you’re just paying pay pal not the end merchant, Monzo never see this extra information.

So if you set it up using card number does Monzo see the end merchant and use this information in the feed?

I’m not sure to be honest, I’ve never tried it. If you do try it let us know here :slight_smile:

I have a feeling it does pass it on though…

This has been subject of considerable debate… (Whether we show PayPal or the merchant)

The outcome is we show the merchant and enrich it with relevant logos etc. where we can :+1:


Off topic I know but what’s with all the Customer of XXX?

on paypal?

No, here.

Debit card IMO.

I’ve noticed when I’m paying with PayPal, the “Monzo Bank Account” option doesn’t give me the option to allow the bank to do the currency conversion when I’m buying things in another currency.

The debit card option comes up with a little bit of a text that you can click on, and then change it to let Monzo handle the currency conversion for the better rate.

Oh sorry I get you now!! For me it’s just to highlight I’m a customer and not staff for some reason some others have done similar!


Adding it as a bank account would prevent you to make certain transactions instantly - your payments will be sent to the merchants as “e-cheques” which take 10 days to clear (waiting for the Direct Debit to succeed).

Adding it as a payment card gives you instant payments.