eBay/PayPal transactions

@tristan, has there been any further thinking at Monzo HQ on integration with eBay/PayPal? I think that @RichardR’s badge looks very nice, but it doesn’t solve the issue for me, that these all show up as separate transactions. There’s no aggregate data like there is for other merchants. If I shop online elsewhere, I can see total spent, number of transactions, and average spent. But when buying things from eBay, I can’t see this. I realise this can be worked around to an extent by manually tagging each transaction as eBay and then searching for that string, but this is a cumbersome and manual procedure not in keeping with the :monzo: ethos. :grin:

I know that, technically, it is eBay users who are the merchants. But in practical terms, eBay is the ‘shop’ I’m buying from, as it’s unusual that I buy from a specific eBay user more than once. What I’m interested in, to an extent, is how much I’ve spent at eBay. The usernames also look pretty awful in my feed, given that everything else has proper names and icons.

I wonder if a solution would be to allow these transactions to be either displayed as ‘eBay’, with an eBay icon, or as they are now as individual merchants (with @RichardR’s PayPal badge). This could be a button in the transaction detail (e.g. ‘Display as eBay’). For future transactions, Monzo could remember the last setting used, as it does with categories now (i.e. if I recategorise a transaction from a merchant, the next transaction from that merchant uses ‘my’ category, not the default). That way each person can essentially choose the standard behaviour that suits them, but change individual transactions as necessary. This sort of thing could be used with other marketplace sites in the future.