Payments not being received!

Is anyone else having trouble with receiving BACS or Faster Payments? And finding that Monzo have no interest in helping you?

My salary is currently 4 days late. BACS payment details confirmed and the money still hasn’t been received in my Monzo. Definitely not a problem from NatWest side - thus leaving Monzo to answer why I haven’t received my money?

Yesterday, my employer was kind enough to send me a Faster Payment of the same amount of money because the BACS payment had simply vanished. Although it should’ve been immediately received - it still hasn’t arrived.

I am completely stuck. My employer’s bank (NatWest) has confirmed both transactions released the money but are simply not appearing at Monzo’s end. I have provided Monzo with the transaction details and screenshots of the statement.

Any thoughts on how I can resolve this would be appreciated.

There isn’t any support through the Monzo in-app chat - they are simply not responding to me anymore?

Phone number on the back of the card?

Thanks. I’ve called them various times but they’re just a friendly voice that refer you back to the in-app chat. No ability to actually look into anything.

Did you open an urgent chat in the Monzo app?

When you say they’re not responding, do you mean slow?

Is this the first salary you’ve received into Monzo? Can you check the details are correct?

It is the first salary from this employer and my bank details were checked over a handful of times. I have both of the statements that also display the correct details. It’s incredibly strange as to why the money hasn’t arrived.

Let me flag it up see if we can get some help!


There isn’t an option for emergency chat - also the chat doesn’t display reply times or in fact anyone to be online. They’ve replied with a generic answer a couple of times that someone is looking into it. It’s just taking way too long.

There should have been an urgent option. Perhaps ask them to mark it as such then you should get quicker responses :slight_smile:

I think it’s been marked maybe 4 times through my consistent panic messaging and calling! It’s just got to the stage where they aren’t replying.

I’ve never seen one mentioned in my chats. :man_shrugging:

Was probably only available on your first chat. As my chats never get closed, I effectively only keeping extending that, and so never get the opportunity to mark one as urgent.


Nope. I scrolled up to my first chat (two months ago). Nada.

The option is only there when you initiate the chat. You can’t retrospectively mark it as urgent.

I certainly don’t recall being given the option. I would have thought it’d appear as a speech bubble that would still be there when I scroll up. Are you saying it appears in a different way?

Urgent chat is there. The issue recently is that COps haven’t been closing some chats so it carries on from the last one and you therefore don’t get the option.

Since you didn’t mark the chat as urgent it is generally slow between responses - it certainly isn’t live. I wouldn’t say they’re ignoring you but I understand your frustration.

By any chance did the last message in chat say something along the lines of “I’ll escalate this to a specialist team/another team”/something along those lines?

If so, it could explain why they’re no longer responding. & if so it could also be possible that the team escalated to only works Monday-Friday.

It’s been a long time since I was able to mark a chat as urgent, but from memory, there’s a button to press before you type your first message.

Edit: I’ve just checked. My “current“ chat has been going since 14th December.

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‘Monzo is a bank that makes life easier, not harder.’

It’s making life a hell of a lot harder right now. Currently regret going full monzo.

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Correct, I expect! Despite being promised I would receive support urgently.