Missing from transaction feed - anyone had issues?

So, just noticed that a number of incoming payments not credited. They’ve left the sender. I’ve raised this in-app and been told that the other banks need to raise this with Monzo and provide TRN’s for each transaction.

Anyone had definitive guidance on this?

Me chasing the sending bank seems wrong.

Could be fraud checks holding it up. From experience, it’s usually the sending bank holding it up.

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These are several months old. And standing orders.

Is it all standing order payments from that instruction or just some?

This could be related. No resolution as of yet though.

It’s three out of five months and the instruction goes back a year. :flushed:

I’m dreading digging any deeper…:cry:

CS has said they need the transaction references, which of course the payer doesn’t routinely have.

Unfortunately they need those references to be able to trace the payments, I don’t think it’s possible without them

No. I understand. But of course, it’s weekend … etc …:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Doesn’t help when CS in the other banks say there’s no such thing as a unique reference!!!

I mean, please :roll_eyes:

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Name and shame

Oh alright - Lloyd’s :scream:


But - I’m keen to know just where the money currently sits.

If it’s with Monzo, I really need some explanation. Four missing transactions is just too many !


If it were me I’d find 1 to be too many!


I was being generous :roll_eyes:.

Truthfully, I’m going to need some serious reassurance from someone who can authoritatively explain how this can happen repeatedly. It stands to be a deal-breaker…


And the answer is…
I took a last minute look at my statement going back several months. I found those transactions !! (Admit it, this is an exciting tale).

Now I need to understand how that happened and need to bear it in mind should a similar situation occur.

Edit - Speedy response from CS this morning. He tells me it’s possible those transactions were deleted (truth is, I didn’t even know that was do-able)

He wasn’t able to explain how he could confirm the transactions are there but two CS staff couldn’t yesterday.

Thanks for your input, people :slightly_smiling_face: End of…


Still sounds strange how a standing order can delete itself but still Be their for the following month.

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