Upcoming payment not showing up

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Hoping someone can shed a bit of light on this situation. I am due to be paid tomorrow (23/9/2020) and I would have usually received a notification today or yesterday to confirm that I can receive my money at 4pm. I have rung Monzo and they have confirmed they cannot see anything on my account yet, and I have spoken to my work who have already provided me with a payslip and confirmation that the wages were definitely sent off- and definitely a BACS payment.
I have never had a problem with receiving my wages a day early before, has anyone else had this problem where the notification didn’t come up until later in the day, and was you still able to claim the money at 4pm?
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Has anything changed at work? New employer? Furlough? etc etc.

A lot of places call it BACS as a synonym for wages/payment.

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There have been occasions in the past when the BACS process has taken until about noon. The fact that it’s not showing now doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not going to. Have a search of the forum, this has come up many times before.

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I had this earlier this year. No greyed out income showing from my employer and chose to ignore it as I thought it would appear automatically. Then it did not appear and my SOs the following morning were all declined due to lack of funds.

Contacted work and established that the BACS payroll had actually failed at their end, and they ended up having to provide a few thousand faster payment credits that day to resolve it.

I would nudge work again. Just to make sure.

The provision of the payslip doe not mean the money will appear, as I found out.

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Hi there ,
No nothing new unfortunately :worried:
Hopefully will appear soon :crossed_fingers:

I’m really hoping for just a delay in a system as something similar happened last year with my wages. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: thank you!

sometimes it don’t show up, it did for me one time however i still got my money the next day, if you always get paid into you monzo account and all of a sudden nothing shows the day before you really can’t do anything until the day you supposed to get paid because your work or bank will tell you the same

Some people in the past have mentioned that there’s been a switch from BACS to Faster payments for some wages so it could show up the following day.

is there a number or email for monzo I dont have it???
could you please tell me what it is?


It isn’t for Monzo to check at first, it is for you HR department to check. If the money has not arrived, it technically isn’t your money yet (even though you are owed it) as it hasn’t arrived and isn’t with Monzo.

After contacting your HR department to investigate, and they are adamant that it has reached Monzo. For Monzo to do any check, they will need a Transaction Reference Number (TRN) from the BACs/Faster payment transfer which only your HR department’s bank could provide. Get that detail when you call your HR department so Monzo can back trace the transaction.

Always contact your own work if pay does not arrive!

Oh, and Monzo’s contact details are on the back of your card.
0800 8021 281

That’s great advice. Thankyou so much.

So when i email. Monzo help it always goes to a referral group and not Monzo directly??

This is the Monzo community which is separate to the email address in the back of your card who can help you with specific account queries. Do not post any personal details to the community which is public and has mostly other customers and a few staff here.

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