Payment made twice by Monzo

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Has anyone else had problems with Monzo making a duplicate transaction?

I made a payment to a business today which duplicated. The transactions are showing that I have made the payment twice. I have contacted Monzo who as asking me to ask the business for the money back. I personally think that this is unprofessional.


I frequently see a duplicate of a payment in my feed, a shut down of the app refreshes my feed and shows it’s dissapeared


Usually a connection fault if you get a stronger connection or close the app that usually refreshes it and then it shows properly I’ve seen it happen to me a few times but irons itself out once it refreshes ^_^.

After trying refreshing several times, I contacted Monzo who confirmed it had been taken twice. This is when they suggested the best option was to ask the business the payment was sent to for the money back.

Head into one of the transactions, at the bottom hit something wrong. There should be a refund option. Usually it’s instant.

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You can check to see if the payment has actually gone through by clicking on the transaction, scrolling down to the bottom and looking at the merchant code (below "Something Wrong? Tell US!). If the words “Pending Transaction” appear above the merchant code then the money have been sent to the merchant.

It wasn’t Tesco by any chance was it? Tesco duplicate my transactions every so often.

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Hi. I did this, which took me to a chat page.

No. Not Tesco. A local Pet sitting service.

How did you pay, bank transfer or chip and pin/card details?

Bank transfer

I wasn’t referring to clicking “Something Wrong? Tell Us”.

If you look below that you can see if money has been taken by the merchant.

Sometimes you can get a transaction feed item for a transaction where the merchant “asks” Monzo for the money from your account but something goes wrong so they don’t take it (in that case the words “Pending” will remain - see screenshot below). The merchant can then re-ask for the money creating a second feed item.

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Then yeah, you need to speak to the business owner.

Monzo have never asked me to contact Tesco to get the duplicate refunded - they’ve always done it themselves, or sometimes I’ve been able to do it myself if the “question this payment” page, as sometimes it has a button to initiate the refund and sometimes it redirects you to the chat option.

Edit: ah, just seen the post above mentioning this was a bank transfer.

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This is a bank transfer though, totally different.


When you pay via bank transfer, there is nothing monzo can do.


Under the “Something Wrong?” it just says " Faster Payment 07/04/19"

Monzo have actually confirmed the money has been taken twice and do not know why.

Sorry totally missed that post mentioning the bank transfer!

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Even if I only sent the payment once? yet Monzo made it twice?

Speak to the business owner, they will have received it twice and you can share your bank details to get the duplicate back.

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